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Merry ‘Grinchmas’ from United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby who’s kicking employees to the curb


There’s a new Grinch this holiday season! United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby. Mr. Kirby is picking a nasty fight with his airline’s employees over their right to reasonable accommodations in lieu of forced vaccinations due to religious and/or medical objections. The policy grounds more than 300 experienced pilots and fired or punished nearly 2,000 other United employees just before the holidays.

As President Biden’s Covid vaccine mandates fail in the courts and many corporations relax rules allowing employees who test negative to stay on the job, Mr. Kirby fired or placed on indefinite, unpaid leave thousands of workers for no good reason and leaving them to scramble to keep the lights on and food on the tables for their families.

No other airline enforces such oppressive rules. Many grounded employees served United honorably throughout the pandemic as front-line essential workers.  Then, overnight, they were tossed aside because of their beliefs or their doctor’s advice.

Scott Kirby – stop firing and punishing your employees for nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Kirby kicking his loyal employees to the ‘curby’.

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  1. Dpitt on December 15, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    My wife is one of his employees and to see the lady that was full of life to the person she has become now is heart wrenching!!! Always crying and wondering how we are going to survive. She is per say one of the lucky ones, she is in a closet as we speak doing AOD work, well at least until the 59days are up and she too will be on indefinite unpaid leave. Where does this guy come from thinking he is God and he can mock my wife’s and our families faith. Scott Kirby “indefinite unpaid leave” is NOT a “reasonable accommodation”. If it is about safety then why aren’t all your passengers required to be jabbed? Oh that makes you money!!! That’s why!! He is all for show!! I hope the courts tear your to shreds.

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