Etex introducing new technology
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Gilmer-based Etex Telephone Cooperative is bringing exciting new technology to wireless phone customers in the new year, Gilmer Rotarians learned at their Tuesday meeting.

Etex Mgr. Danny Kellar introduced Henry Chappell, network operations manager for Etex Communications, and Summer Edge, wireless coordinator, who explained the changes.

Chappell discussed the network upgrade that Etex Wireless will accomplish in the first quarter of 2009. He said the upgrade will bring Etex up to speed with major carriers in voice, text messaging and other features.

As of next April, the Rotarians were told, Etex will sever all ties with Alltell.

To fill in the Etex network and improve service, new towers are being built at Cedar Springs in northeast Upshur County and Enon, west of Gilmer; the tower nearest the Etex offices on Hwy. 155 north will be moved to improve service in the Gilmer area.

The Enon tower, to be completed by the second quarter of 2009, will improve service to Gilmer’s Patterson Addition.

The 15 towers now in service face some difficulties in filling in “gaps” because of the hillls and tall pines characteristic of this area, the Rotarians were told.

In evolving to the Edma2000 level, cell phone service improvement will be comparable to going from dial-up to DSL Internet connections, Ms. Edge explained.

Customers will be able to get the newest cell phones that operate at faster speeds, have thousands of ringtones available along with games, weather information, global positioning service, wallpaper and other new applications.

They will be able to keep their current telephone numbers and there willl be no change in rates, but some may need to upgrade their cellphones next April. Etex buys all its cell phones direct from the Motorola factory, Ms. Edge said.

Explaining the excitement Etex Wireless staff has for the changes, she said, “the wireless world is going to smart phones.”

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bubba gump
January 22, 2009
bubba gump writes i have friends in the longview area that pays less than wat some people do for dial up here in this area.that is a horrible matter when ur local goverment ie. city coucil and sorts... lets the people of a town get wrung over the coals and do nothiung about it.. i mean i am sure that the people that own the local internets are part of the richer class and we the lower class have no say so !!!! be cause we are the lower working class. i am sure those people was born with a silver spoon in thier mouths just like most of the richer class in gilmer!!!! thee are some that have worked for weat they got but very few!!!those very few understand wat its liek to work from day to day and live from check to check.. well i think that the city council should take some kinds of actions to rectify the price changes in our everyday lives i know its just not internet that we are getting reemed on its light waters and any utility that we had to go through thte town and get!!!! welll that is my opinion

bubba gump OUT!!!!!
December 10, 2008
I couldn't agree more with the previous comments on the cost of our DSL service. Most of my friends in surrounding towns have 4 to 6 MBps connections and pay $29-$39 per month while we're stuck with $60 service that doesn't even meet the Federal Governments definition of broadband.
December 07, 2008
And while I'm here, just in case someone from ETEX actually reads these comments, when are the broadband rates going to be adjusted to an affordable, and comparable rate? We pay the highest prices for broadband outside of satellite internet in this region. Bandwidth is not even worth the rates we pay. I know there is a higher package now, but who is going to pay $99 for a DSL connection? Country life...ughhh
December 07, 2008
I can't imagine how severing all ties with Alltel (aka Verizon) is a good idea. Sounds like there will be no roaming agreement, which is a bad business decision. Off to Verizon I guess.