Super Bowl entertainers hold press conferences
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The entertainers for the Super Bowl Pre-game and Halftime show held press conferences Thursday at the Super Bowl Media Center in the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Outside the stadium there will be concerts by Steve Winwood and Chris Daughtrey. Inside the stadium, Queen Latifah, actress and singer, will perform America the Beautiful, and Country Singer Carrie Underwood will sing the National Anthem prior to kickoff. Winwood and Daughtrey were no-shows for the media session, but the Queen and Carrie showed up and answered questions for almost ten minutes.

Brian McCarthy, with the NFL office in New York City asked both the Queen and Underwood how difficult it would be to perform those two songs in front of an estimated 150 million television viewers at the big game.

“I don’t know if it’s about a difficulty, I think of this as a responsibility. You feel like when you sing America the Beautiful or the National Anthem, you feel like you represent America. So you just want to show up. You want to show up and do a great job because you also know everyone in that crowd is passionate about our Country, especially when we’re in a war time right now, so think about everyone that’s representing us around the world, and you just want to do a great job, and there’s NOTHING like the Super Bowl, football, America’s Sport, you know what I mean? You just want to be there and show up, make it happen, you know, no pressure”, responded Queen Latifah.

Underwood echoed the Queen’s sentiments. “I think that’s definitely everyone’s sentiment when they get up to sing a song that’s so patriotic. I think for me, my biggest fear is words. Of course, you sing these songs a million times, and everybody knows the words. Of course you know the words, but if you’re gonna mess up, that would be the one time you’d do it, right? More than anything, I know I’m excited, I know you’re (Queen) excited, and like you said, I just want to do a good job.”

The two stars were on opposite sides when it came to who they were pulling for, as Underwood indicated she was “Fifty-one percent for the Colts”, while Latifah indicated she was pulling for the Saints, partially due to sentimental reasons arising from Hurricane Katrina.

When The Who came to the stage, they began by singing two of their famous songs, and then answered a few questions before singing a third song to end the press conference. They were asked by a reporter for Fox 59 in Indianapolis if they were aware that the Colts entered Lucas Oil Stadium to a song by The WHO. The response by Roger Daltrey was interesting, to say the least.

“I’ve been made aware today for the first time, and that’s an incredible honor for them to do that. All I can say is that I hope the best team wins and that you get a good game, not one of those boring ones. And if I had to say, I’d say that New Orleans could just do with a little bit of luck. It would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

Not much sooner than those words were uttered, Pete, the other half of The Who, chimed in, “Well, in that case I’ll go for the Colts!”

All in all, it was an enjoyable hour with some of the greatest entertainers of our time, and all three should provide great entertainment on Sunday at the big game, and HOPEFULLY, it WILL be a close contest, and NOT boring!
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