JIM "PAPPY" MOORE: We Are Living in a Movie
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If it seems we are living in a movie, it is because we are.  The events being acted out on the world stage are disaster films come to life, a real time production of the New World Order (the NWO).  All of this is orchestrated in their attempt to end the presidency of Donald Trump, to replace him with one of their lackeys, to usher in the end to the United States as we know it, to make America another part of the world government the super wealthy elites have long dreamed of installing.

The United Nations has fallen under the control of the NWO. When the UN’s Human Rights Council appoints to it China and Iran – the two greatest human rights violators on the planet - you know we have entered a world envisioned by George Orwell’s terrifying book 1984.  When the World Health Organization is in bed with China, aiding it in foisting upon the world a virus used to shutdown commerce and help crush the US economy with paralyzing fear, you know WHO no longer serves any legitimate health needs.  When the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, and similar organizations tied to the top banking families of the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds are pulling the strings on WHO and the UN, you know the global elite are making their international puppets dance.

They tipped their hand when front man Bill Gates said the world would have to shut down for the next 18 months, and not get back to business until a mandatory vaccine was ready and given to the world’s seven billion humans.  He called for implanting a chip in every citizen in the world to monitor each person, and to make the privileges of humanhood depend upon being chipped in such fashion.  These are the plans of the shadow government which seeks to run the world openly by 2030.

Meanwhile, in the USA the scandal of Obamagate unfolds, and the news organizations owned and run by the global elites try to bury the proof that in 2016 and into the early weeks of 2017, Obama grossly misused the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department to try to defeat Trump’s election, and to try to undermine it after the election was lost.  Since then, Obama has led his shadow government, constantly undermining the legitimate government of the United States.

Obama’s traitorous and illegal actions are coming out, as well as those of Hillary Clinton, top Obama staffers, Joe Biden, and other Democrats.  They were supported by FBI and Department of Justice players such as Comey, Mueller, and McCabe.

We have in the past five months lived through Act I – the Impeachment – which ended in President Trump’s victory.  Act II – The Virus – was then used to destroy the world economy and isolate Americans, used to stop church services, used to obliterate small business in America, used to control masses worldwide with Fear, Fear, Fear.

As the Fear of the Virus subsided, as Red States went back to work and play in defiance, enter Act III – Insurrection. It is no coincidence that 80% of the alleged Virus deaths are in Blue states, which make up fewer than half of all US States. It is no coincidence that the Insurrection is taking place in major Democratic urban strongholds.  Rampant violence unchecked by Democratic mayors and governors has been the result.  

Stop viewing the “news” on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC as news.  Start viewing it as propaganda for one of the six mega corporations which control the vast majority of “news” and “entertainment” you see on television.  Know that the major platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are all owned and aligned with Democrats and the goals of the New World Order.  Check for yourselves.  Remember that Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos also owns and runs the Washington Post and Business Insider.  Have no doubt that much of what you read in the New York Times is likely propaganda.

Start seeing all of this as scripted action being run by the world’s richest people, with the help of willing Democrats as their foot soldiers.  This IS World War III.  You’re an American, and if you don’t fight for America you’re going to lose it.  Stop being sheep led to the slaughter.

Copyright 2020, Jim “Pappy” Moore.  All rights reserved.

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