Gov's death sentences: Cuomo forced high-risk nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients, spreading killer virus amongst the most vulnerable
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29 April 2020 
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Governor's death sentences: Cuomo forced high-risk nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients, spreading killer virus amongst the most vulnerable --Some patients were transferred with body bags accompanying them. | 26 April 2020 | The New York State Department of Health made a deadly decision on March 25 when it forced nursing homes to take in people who held a positive diagnosis for coronavirus in certain cases. It was determined by the state of New York that these coronavirus patients were "medically stable," but in actuality, they were far from stable. They still carried the disease that could be easily passed to others in these crowded facilities. The New York Post reported that in one particularly morbid case, coronavirus patients were admitted to a nursing home in Queens with body bags accompanying them. ...Thirty residents would die from coronavirus-related in just days after the first COVID+ patients were admitted at one nursing home alone. "Cuomo has blood on his hands. He really does. There's no way to sugarcoat this," the health care executive said. "Why in the world would you be sending coronavirus patients to a nursing home, where the most vulnerable population to this disease resides?" they added.

Coronavirus patients admitted to Queens nursing home - with body bags | 23 April 2020 | The first coronavirus patients admitted to a Queens nursing home under a controversial state mandate arrived along with some grim accessories - a supply of body bags, The Post has learned. An executive at the facility - which was previously free of the deadly disease - said the bags were in the shipment of personal protective equipment received the same day the home was forced to begin treating two people discharged from hospitals with COVID-19. "My colleague noticed that one of the boxes was extremely heavy. Curious as to what could possibly be making that particular box so much heavier than the rest, he opened it," the exec told The Post Thursday. "The first two coronavirus patients were accompanied by five body bags." Within days, three of the bags were filled with the first of 30 residents who would die there after Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Health Department handed down its March 25 directive that bars nursing homes from refusing to admit "medically stable" coronavirus patients, the exec said. Like clockwork, the nursing home has received five body bags a week - every week - from city officials.

Coronavirus spreads in a New York nursing home forced to take recovering patients --Three states - New York, New Jersey and California - have ordered nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to accept coronavirus patients discharged from hospitals. | 25 April 2020 | The coronavirus patients began arriving the last week of March, transferred to the Gurwin Jewish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center under a New York state mandate requiring nursing homes to accept those recovering from COVID-19, even if they still might be contagious. At the time, the Long Island nursing home had only one known resident who had contracted the virus, according to the facility’s president and CEO, Stuart Almer. A month later, Gurwin is battling an outbreak that’s killed 24 residents -- only three of whom were hospital transfers -- and one staff member, who worked in housekeeping, Almer said. And the nursing home is still mandated to take in recovering hospital patients known to have the virus, potentially increasing its spread in the facility.

'Blow to privacy': Israeli top court to ban use of anti-terror tech on coronavirus patients - unless govt makes it law | 26 April 2020 | Israel's High Court of Justice has ruled a domestic spy agency must stop tracking coronavirus patients with tech it would otherwise use on terrorists - but only pending a law to legalize the practice. In its ruling on Sunday, the court said that the government must discontinue making use of domestic intelligence service Shin Bet's broad spying powers to track cell phones of those infected unless it comes up with at least a temporary order to codify the practice in the next few weeks, provided the legislative process kicks off by April 30.

Group making critical recommendations on reopening Connecticut will be made in secret by a special task force not subject to state's open records laws --The governor's friend from Yale, Indra Nooyi - former PepsiCo chairman and chief executive officer - is co-chair of the task force| 27 April 2020 | The critical recommendations about when -- and how -- Connecticut will emerge from the coronavirus shutdown will be made in secret by a special task force not subject to the state's open records laws. Gov. Ned Lamont (D-Deep State) defended the panel Monday, saying he will make the final decisions that will be based on the group's recommendations. Leaders of the task force will answer questions from reporters each week, he said. Lamont appointed the 47-member Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group, but the task force is not subject to the state's Freedom of Information laws and holds its meetings privately.

COVID-19 survivor State Rep. Karen Whitsett decries Michigan's censure attempt: 'I'm not going to be silenced' | 25 April 2020 | As long as there are residents in the state of Michigan who need help and who need a voice, Democratic State Representative Karen Whitsett promised Saturday that she will not be silenced. In an interview on "Fox & Friends Weekend," Whitsett explained that she would also continue to work with President Trump and any president who extended a hand her way to ensure what's done in her state needs to be done. On Saturday, a group called the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization will consider censuring Whitsett for foregoing the status quo and meeting with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to discuss her experience recovering from coronavirus, The Detroit News reported.

W.H.O. Pushed Draconian Lockdown Rules that were Followed by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx to Ruin US Economy | 25 April 2020 | It is clear now that the so-called experts at the IHME and CDC utterly failed in their ever-changing models and predictions on the coronavirus. In fact, they were off by a month on the first COVID-19 deaths in the US and off by MILLIONS in their models that explain the breadth of the disease in the US. This impacted their decisions on how to confront the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. The current draconian measures to battle this flu-like virus were pushed by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx... And now we know where Fauci and Birx got their plans to lockdown and destroy the US economy. From the W.H.O. Dr. Ned Nikolov discovered it was the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) that proposed the lockdown rules for pandemics. This is the same organization that misled the global community for weeks while the coronavirus spread throughout China and beyond.

AZ Woman Who Blamed Trump for Chloroquine Ingestion Now Subject of Homicide Investigation | 29 April 2020 | Remember that Arizona couple who ingested chloroquine phosphate because they thought it could ward off the virus? Wanda Lenius and her husband, Gary, ingested the fish tank cleaner with soda and the effects were dire. The husband died, while it left Wanda in critical condition. Now, she’s being investigated for homicide. Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon has the scoop. One thing that struck friends of the late Gary Lenius as odd was this notion that this retired engineer would just take poison willingly. Detective Teresa Van Galder, the homicide detective handling the case for the Mesa City Police Department, confirmed that the investigation is ongoing but declined to provide additional details.

Sunlight destroys coronavirus quickly, say US scientists | 23 April 2020 | The new coronavirus is quickly destroyed by sunlight, according to new research announced by a senior US official on Thursday, though the study has not yet been made public and awaits external evaluation. William Bryan, science and technology advisor to the Department of Homeland Security secretary, told reporters at the White House that government scientists had found ultraviolet rays had a potent impact on the pathogen, offering hope that its spread may ease over the summer. "Our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus, both surfaces and in the air," he said. "We've seen a similar effect with both temperature and humidity as well, where increasing the temperature and humidity or both is generally less favorable to the virus.

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Anticipates Pandemic, Including Scenes of Medicos Dancing | 28 April 2020 | Satanists Playing Us Like a Fiddle by Mike Stone. "Are we all being played?Played on a scale beyond our wildest dreams? Let me take you on a journey, beginning with the 2012 Olympics. The opening ceremony was designed and coordinated by Danny Boyle, the director of Trainspottingand Slumdog Millionaire. One of the segments, ostensibly a tribute to the National Health Service (NHS), featured a stage filled with sick kids and hospital beds (hmm) and opened with the theme music from the movie The Exorcist. (What does satanic possession have to do with sick kids and hospital beds?) We see a Greta Thunberg lookalike hiding under the covers of her bed and reading Peter Pan with a flashlight... We see demons and ghouls and one girl's bed hovering off the floor, just like the levitation scene in The Exorcist. Then we see - I kid you not - dancing nurses! Yes, dozens of dancing nurses." See video uploaded by Paul Swanson on 17 April 2020. WTF? Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 NHS- "Predictive programming at its finest!” CLG Note: Doyle also directed 28 Days Later. Wikipedia: 28 Days Later is a 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle, written by Alex Garland... The plot depicts the breakdown of society following the accidental release of a highly contagious virus [emphasis CLG's] and focuses upon the struggle of four survivors to cope with the destruction of the life they once knew while evading those infected by the virus. [For dancing nurses in 2020, see: More Bored 'First Responders' Dance for Social Media With Hospitals Empty and No Work to Do.] Wikipedia: 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony: "The opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics took place on the evening of Friday 27 July 2012 in the Olympic Stadium, London... The ceremony began at 21:00 BST and lasted almost four hours. It was watched by an estimated worldwide television audience of 900 million, becoming the most-viewed Olympic opening ceremony in both the UK and US. [Emphasis CLG's. Almost 1 billion people saw this "predictive programming."]... Pandemonium (21:09-21:25) This section encapsulated British economic and social development from rural economy through the Industrial Revolution to the 1960s... Second to the right, and straight on till morning (21:35-21:47) The first part of this sequence celebrated the National Health Service ("the institution which more than any other unites our nation", according to the programme), which had been founded in the year of the previous London Games in 1948. Music was by Mike Oldfield. 600 dancers, all of whom were NHS staff, along with 1,200 volunteers recruited from British hospitals, entered along with children on 320 hospital beds, some of which functioned as trampolines. CLG Note: Oldfield is the Grammy award-winning composer of "Tubular Bells - Theme from The Exorcist."

Blue Angels, Thunderbirds fly over New York to honor essential workers | 28 April 2020 | Jets from Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force's Thunderbirds flew over New York City in a tribute to the medical personnel, first responders and other essential workers involved in fighting the pandemic. The planes from the two demonstration squadrons flew in formation over New York and Newark beginning at noon. The formation was set to fly over Trenton, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

Our Turn to Act: RT launches live map connecting volunteers and those needing help amid coronavirus | 25 April 2020 | RT's project, 'Our Turn to Act,' has launched a live map that brings together potential volunteers and those struggling to cope with coronavirus lockdowns on their own. The live map makes it easier for people - primarily elderly persons forced to self-isolate in their homes amid global Covid-19 lockdowns - to get directly in touch with volunteers keen to help them see the crisis through. To receive assistance or lend a helping hand to those stuck at home, the first step is to register on the project's website. After marking your location, you can either become a volunteer or post a request for help, if it is you or someone you know who needs support.

Stop Water Shutoffs - Petition | 27 April 2020 | A Consumer Reports investigation found that before the pandemic, Detroit residents could get their water shut off for falling 150 behind. But large profitable corporations like Coke and Pepsi who bottle the same Detroit tap water were allowed to keep filling their bottles and coffers even as the city showed they had tens of thousands of dollars in uncollected bills. This inequity reinforces why we need a nationwide moratorium on water shutoffs that pose a huge public health risk. (Petition)

Assange's Extradition Hearing Will Be Postponed Until November | 27 April 2020 | The WikiLeaks founder's lawyers announced last week that they would ask for the postponement, citing lack of full access to their client, with the hearings initially expected to resume on May 18. Julian Assange's extradition hearings will be postponed until November 2 and take place over a three week period, London court Judge Vanessa Baraitser has ruled. The ruling comes after the WikiLeaks founder's lawyers argued that they have not been able to access their client amid COVID-19-related restrictions. Lawyers representing the United States government said they would agree to the postponement if it was deemed necessary.

Dossier Author Christopher Steele Had Previously Undisclosed Meetings With Lawyers for DNC, Clinton Campaign | 27 April 2020 | A lawyer representing the DNC and Clinton campaign provided Christopher Steele with information in 2016 regarding an alleged secret communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank, the former spy told a British court last month. That now-debunked tip, from Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann, set off a chain of events that led to Steele publishing a Sept. 14, 2016, memo accusing the founders of the bank, Alfa Bank, of having "illicit" ties to Vladimir Putin. A week after Steele wrote that memo, he had another meeting with Sussmann's colleague, Marc Elias. Steele disclosed the previously unreported meetings with Sussmann and Elias during testimony in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by the Alfa Bank founders, according to a court transcript obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Liberal journalist asks about 'military coup' vs. Trump, later claims sarcasm | 26 April 2020 | Liberal journalist Hendrik Hertzberg courted controversy Sunday by bashing President Trump and openly questioning in a tweet: "Time for a military coup?" After a request for comment, the New Yorker magazine reporter weakly attempted to defend himself in a tweet, claiming he was being "sarcastic.

China sent team including medical experts to advise on North Korea's Kim, sources say | 24 April 2020 | China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to three people familiar with the situation. The trip by the Chinese doctors and officials comes amid conflicting reports about the health of the North Korean leader. Reuters was unable to immediately determine what the trip by the Chinese team signaled in terms of Kim's health. A delegation led by a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party's International Liaison Department left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday, two of the people said.

Bernie Sanders campaign says New York should lose its delegates after cancellation of presidential primary | 27 April 2020 | The suspended presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday slammed New York's Board of Elections after it scrapped the state's 2020 presidential primary, saying the state should lose its delegates if the decision stands. Sanders suspended his 2020 campaign for president earlier this month and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, but he said he would continue to gather delegates heading toward the Democratic convention, "where we will be able to exert significant influence over the party platform and other functions." On Monday, however, Democrats on the New York state Board of Elections canceled the state's presidential primary entirely. Shortly after, Sanders campaign senior adviser Jeff Weaver blasted the decision an "outrage" and a "blow to American democracy" while calling for the Democratic National Committee to overturn it.

New York Democrats cancel 2020 primary, kicking Bernie Sanders off the ballot | 27 April 2020 | New York has delivered a major blow to Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) continued push for Democratic power. Democrats on the New York state Board of Elections decided Monday to cancel the party's presidential primary, which had already been pushed from April back to June 23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That leaves Sanders without a chance to grab any delegates in the state, despite his insistence on staying on the ballot to secure more standing within the party. Sanders suspended his 2020 run last month and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, but still wanted his supporters to vote for him so his delegates could "exert significant influence over the party platform and other functions" at the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden | 28 April 2020 | Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden during a virtual town hall on Tuesday, putting the support of the Democratic standard bearer from four years ago behind the former vice president and current presumptive presidential nominee. Clinton touted Biden as a "friend" and a figure who has been "preparing for this moment his entire life," as she lambasted President Donald Trump as someone who is so ill prepared to be commander in chief that he appears to be just playing the role on television. "I want to add my voice to the many who have endorsed you to be our president," Clinton said.

Tara Reade calls for release of Biden's Senate records: 'Why are they under seal?' | 28 April 2020 | Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, is calling on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to release the records from his 36 years as a senator, which are currently inaccessible to the public and are kept at the University of Delaware. Biden's campaign has denied that he sexually assaulted Reade. "I'm calling for the release of the documents being held by the University of Delaware that contain Biden's staff personnel records because I believe it will have my complaint form, as well as my separation letter and other documents," Reade told Fox News on Tuesday. "Maybe if other staffers that have tried to file complaints would come to light -- why are they under seal? And why won't they be released to the public?

Justin Amash announces presidential exploratory committee | 28 April 2020 | Justin Amash, a Republican-turned independent congressman from Michigan, announced Tuesday night that he is launching an exploratory committee for long-shot presidential bid as a Libertarian. Amash launched a website announcing he has formed an exploratory committee for a presidential campaign... He was facing a tough reelection in Michigan's 3rd District. National Republicans were eager to defeat him, and several Republicans have been running for the seat.

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