Shooting in small town Texas occurs in a different America…new questions, new context
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For most of my life the debate over guns and gun control has always been publicly discussed in the framework of personal protection from criminals. Rush Limbaugh asserted that self defense is a Constitutional right.

Secondly, hunting as an American past time, has been offered as the reason…but not sure the founders would have thought hunting worth a Constitutional Amendment.

Only occasionally, does any one  discuss the real reason the Founders and the American people of the time offered and adopted The second Amendment; the right to posses arms. Simply stated, it is a right created to sustain the Constitution, and maintain the primacy of the people and states over the federal government.  It is intended to prevent a fascist government from stealing our republic from us.  It is a right to remind the federal government who they work for!

The Left’s solution, led by the Progressives, has always been to reduce or eliminate the right to own guns.  The Left’s trust has always being in government, never in the people.  They wish to take away the right to own a weapon for the same reason their Leftist brother, Adolph Hitler did, so as to more easily control the masses and eliminate the closest threat to their power.

The news media has been consistent in its’ reporting context.  The media will rush in droves to a site like Sutherland Texas, and do everything they can to keep the event in the news for as long as long as possible.  “Woo is me” will lead the stories, the arguments to restrict gun ownership will be re-stated time and time again.  But they always focus on the mass shootings, never reporting a daily head count on the days there is no mass shooting.  Never highlighting how guns make it into the hands of drug dealers.   Never highlighting Chicago or other cites where crime is rampant.

And when the weapons of death are bombs, knives, or cars, the media refuses to do justice to the causes for the violence against America…ie. terrorism or other political causes.  What I mean is, the media simply will not accept and report that violence against America is the threat, not the tools used.

And a means of murder that dwarfs gun murders, abortion, is never dealt with in a “crisis context.”  We don’t see a daily head count of Americans ambushed by doctors, ordered to eternity by their mothers.  Reporters don’t stand outside abortion centers reporting the number killed that day.

If you want to stop violence in America, start by giving back to  life it’s sacred essence, and recognize that it is God, and not man, who provides both Life and just law.

As to the Second Amendment, it is time to understand it is more needed now, than  in the past 152 years.  Look at what America faces as clear and present dangers to the Constitution of the United States;

a. A false news media, with an agenda that is constructed on anti-American progressive agenda.  (An example, the media continues to report Kelly killed himself, when that fact has not been established.  The media would prefer to downplay an armed civilian who may have fired the shot which mortally wounded and least stopped Kelly and forced him to flee.

b. Radical Islam, and an invasion of of non Americans  who do not embrace the American Way and are not taught it.  Home grown and imported terrorists are a daily threat in America using every conceivable type of weapon.

c. American grown radicals currently identified as ANTIFA, allegedly supported by and allied with Organizing for Action (OFA), a Leftist not for Profit,  shadow government organized by former President intent on opposing President Trump and the America First Agenda.

d. Academia in America has become a place to teach the propaganda of the Left.  They do this by erasing American history and values and replacing it with secular humanism, materialism, and atheism, the perfect recipe for communism and socialism.

For weeks, over the internet, there were announcements of the start of a violent counter revolution by ANTIFA on November 4th.  One has to wonder if various violent acts over this past weekend, including the Texas attack, an attack in New York, and a physical assault of U. S. Senator Rand Paul at his home.  attacked by an avowed socialist, suffered five broken ribs.  While ANTIFA may not have had hands on command and control of Devin Kelly, they clearly set a date for violent action against the United States.  (The main stream media, sympathetic to OFA and President Obama could now be attempting to create a story that isolates Kelly, and refuses to look at the possibility of a connection.  Even the police trying to paint the attack on the church as an expression of a personal attack against a former mother-in-law.)

America has become an active battleground where two different ground forces are operating in concert to physically terrorize and cause chaos within the United States of America; those two groups are generally organized around ANTIFA and radical Islam.  Distraction from these two groups is provided by the media, while the cyber world is used to create confusion and as a psychological combat multiplier.

Americans not only need the Second Amendment, but need to begin create local militias in cooperation with county Sheriffs in order to provide local security and organized backup to local police forces.  But, what does NOT need to happen is federalization of local police forces.  Federal authorities need to use cyber counter intelligence resources to find and monitor domestic threats.

This war is on us, and America needs to recognize it.

This first appeared on Nolan Chart.

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November 18, 2017
Years ago, whenever a corrupt mayor and his friends wanted a tax increase, they would cut down on police protection so crime would rise -- and would tell voters that if they want more protection they need to pay up. By allowing us to defend ourselves, the right to keep and BEAR arms helps protect us from this kind of abuse. The possibility of actual bloody revolution to overthrow the government is hardly the most important way the 2nd Amendment protects us from tyrannical government.
November 17, 2017
There is no radical or moderate islam...

only islam, only the Koran!