Republicans proving they have zero principles to add to zero policies to Make America Great Again
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What will it take for America's grass roots to abandon the Republican Party?

They have not only not repealed Obama Care, and look like they won't do tax reduction either, but they have been a rabid enemy of a Republican president who won the Republican Presidential primary contest, and then helped many of them win.  And now, they turn on a Christian, Judge Roy Moore because he is just one more anti - Swamp conservative.

And, yesterday I heard Senator Ted Cruz has turned on Judge Roy Moore.  If that's true, its the last time I vote for him.

We simply do not have a party that represents me.  It does not exist.

I am an American, I want a party that is proudly Christian, and knows the history of this nation.  I want a party that is founded on the Bible.  Not an amended Bible, not a soft love Bible...the Bible.  The one that says God created this universe, and all in it.  I want a party that fully embraces the Ten Commandments given to Moses.  I want a party that remembers George Washington said; the Constitution cannot work without Christ and the Bible.

I am an American, and I want a party that remembers the states created the united States....that united was NOT capitalized until after the Civil War!  That the States, and not the Supreme Court, should be running this nation.  (In the Army we had a saying, the NCO's run the Army.  When that was true, units were unstoppable, but too many officers were Democrats...they would not let the NCO's do their job. )  Well, that same principle is what the Founders believed.  It was the states who were to make domestic policy, not Washington!

I am an American, and I am done doing England, Frances, Spain's job.  They created colonies across the world, and drew the boundaries of nations.  And now their meddling is being rejected by the world they divided, and America is the one dealing with the mess.  I am done with that.  Let those who made the mess, deal with it.

I am an American, and I want our borders controlled, and immigration controlled.  I want the quotas that the Democrats of old created.  I want assimilation, people have to unlearn where they came from, and learn what America is, including its Christian foundation.

I am an American and I support President Donald Trump.  I reject Senate Leader McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and John Cornyn.  And, if Ted Cruz turns on Roy Moore, I won't vote for Cruz again.  Ted seems to have a real problem understanding his allies are Trump and Moore...not McConnell and Cornyn.  He will be next on their target list, when they dispose of Moore and Trump.

I am an American who wants Made in America to be printed on quality products made by Americans.  I want one goal of our trade policy to be, retake the American market place for American made goods.  I want private sector unions to recognize they are being sold out by the internationalists.

I am an American, and I want our Armed Services to be filled with young people ...native born, not illegal immigrants.  I want our Armed Services to be trained properly, given the best equipment, with a solid logistical, American-made tail.  And, I want to see veteran, and "my children serve in the American military," as the second and third qualifiers for running for federal office, Congress and Senate.  The first qualifier is:  I attend xxx Church...say which church.  And your pastor/minister/rabbi better be ready to talk about the candidate's devotion to their faith.

I am an American, and I want American history taught...American.  I want our kids to know the role God and Christianity played in the founding of this nation.  I want them to know what the Northwest Ordinance says about education!  I want them to know that the Founders thought the Bible should be their primary first teach children both English and how to read.  I want them to know this nation has a covenant with the God of Abraham, and that that covenant was made during George Washington's first inaugural ceremony...when the entire body of federal elected officials when to church...DURING THE INAUGURATION, to thank God for His Providence in creating this nation, the Constitution, and to ask His guidance and protection for America!

I am done experimenting.  I want the original experiment.  And, I want Justices and Judges who can't read, or can't comprehend the Constitution as written, impeached, and removed.

There is a lot to do.  But the good news is, there is a God, and He can cleanse very quickly what man finds impossible.  If we won't do it, He may.  If He doesn't, than we are no longer His people...and the end for this nation is near.  2 Chronicles talks about how God will leave His people, if they leave Him.

I am an American, and this is the political party I want to join, work as a volunteer for.  I want an America First Party.  I trust in God's power to bring success, and I trust in His Will for our future.  So Tea Party, grass roots conservatives (who are 40% of America's population)...let's create us a new party.  A party that is in the 21st Century, a party that sees the world as it is, and has no dreams of one world government, and a border-less world.

I am an American, and convinced if we get no new party, we lose America.
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