New Age; new parties or new Constitution?
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The election of Donald Trump signaled that the American people were tired of the Post Cold War era, and recognized we were in a new Age. There was no divided world any more, and thus there was no Free World. We no longer led anything, in a global sense...not as we led the Free World. Now we were just another nation, one that had more wealth than most, more military power, than all but one, and more folks wanting a piece of us than any other.

This new age has not yet been titled by the mainstream media. But the Post Cold War era is over. For lack of a better name I will simply say we are in the 21st Century and the major elements of the 21st Century are:

a. A world composed of individual nations, and global regions, rather than alliances like the Free World, the Communist World and Third World.

b. A world where China is the primary rising nation and the Pacific and Indian Oceans are equal in importance to the Atlantic.

c. A continued development of Islam as a political force within the world.

d. A re-awakening of nationalism that is important and essential to world organization and bettering the condition of humankind.

e. A realization that there are other legitimate forms of governance and economics besides capitalism and democracy, that there is no single best way for all nations and peoples. But that the American Way does work best for America, the USA.

f. That the Cyber frontier is a new dimension in politics and state craft, and war.

Like a Catholic on Saturday, some in America were feeling guilty because of our success. Also like A Catholic, confession was good, but behavior did not change...the very Progressives who were pointing fingers of guilt, were, in most cases, the most guilty. Our President went around the world apologizing for American largesse, for our victories against enemies all over the world. President Obama apologized for our prosperity, for our ingenuity, for your pride in ourselves. He followed the Bush New World Order, worked to reduce America power and sovereignty, while attempting to create a world government.

Most American media, owned by foreigners, or by Americans who saw the global marketplace as their own cash box, echoed and supported Obama, and the Ruling Class that elected him. The media participated in the Culture War raging within America, siding with Black Lives Matter, the gay Rights movement and against God and Christianity. All of this set the environment for Americans to rise.

And along came Donald Trump. A "John Wayne" American who was proud of his nation, and our way of life. And a man who new the new world, the world after the Post Cold War era. The world as it is now. He proposed an America First Agenda, an Agenda that neither party would endorse or embrace. Trump, the successful American billionaire, populist, teamed up with Christian America, the Tea Party and the American conservative movement at the grass roots level to win a surpise victory that rocked not only America, but the world.

The lights that Trump turned on during the Republican Primary, got even brighter during the general election. While Hillary called Trump's supporters Deplorables, Trump called Hillary's fiefdom, the Washington inside the beltway crowd, the Swamp! The one word identification of the two sides, the two teams as it were, was both accurate, and defining. America won.

The light Donald Trump brought to the campaign, he brought to Washington. For his first year, the Ruling Class, the Shadow government, the media, and even NFL millionaire players have not budged, they want Trump to fail more badly than Rush Limbaugh and the conservatives wanted Obama to fail. The difference is, Trump has answers for problems and challenges we face in this new world we live in. He ran because the government is a tool, a tool that must be used to maintain America's prosperity, strength, and sustain the experiment that is the United States of America.

Bush - Clinton - Bush - Obama worked for the powerful special interests cumulatively called the Globalists, to morph and transform the United States into a state within the coming world government. They were adept at using the Shadow government (bureaucracy) and Supreme Court to change the internals of the United States. Congress was left, literally doing nothing, in a stupor, while the Executive branch and Courts ran the country. (The Republicans control the majorities in both Houaes and the leadership but refuse to change the direction of the nation. The GOP has no direction or policy.) And all the policies were targeted towards undoing the Constitution.

The Constitution, as created by the founders, did not have the agility or flexibility to move quickly away from the republic, towards a subservient state in a world government. And it did not provide for government to take over the roles of the private sector and the church. So, wordsmith-ing, Judicial legislating, and just plain illegal actions became the modus operandi of the ruling elite's representatives in the White House.

The effort to change America within the Beltway was not just an action supported by Progressives, or RINO Republicans. Men deemed conservative, like George Will, and John McCain worked within the Beltway towards transformation. Some conservatives across the nation worked towards an Article V Convention. Many of them had pure motives, but a lack of historic knowledge, or awareness that if an Article V Convention occurred, it would provide the same opportunity the Articles of Confederation Convention provided back in the 1780's, a new Constitution could be constructed! What you say?

Folks, this is not America's first failure rodeo. We have had atleast two; the first being at the end of, and after the Revolutionary War when our government under the Articles of Confederation simply could not govern, and second in 1860, when myriad forces worked to drive the South to secede, providing the pretext for civil war, and a suspension of the Constitution. After the war, Amendments that could not pass in a free society, were adopted as reparations by Southern states to re-enter the union.

This nation faces a similar situation today. The world has changed, there is no question about that. There are more than one course, but to consider and implement anything other than the course laid for 25 years by Bush - Clinton - Bush - Obama requires a scraping of the two political parties, and the creation of two new ones, The special interests are too invested in the current parties, they have too much control, too much influence, too much power in the parties, and in Congress and the Courts, to be moved by a brief, flash, populist movement. Two new major parties need to be created with a foundation in Christianity, Judeo - Christian morality, national sovereignty, re-dedicated to states' rights and the primacy of the written Constitution. At least one of the parties has to be founded on America First policies...

An Article V Convention would undoubtedly be controlled by the Ruling Elite. It is impossible to stop that. And it won't matter what the original rules are, there were original rules for the Articles of Confederation Convention...didn't matter. I sincerely predict that if we hold an Article V. Convention we will see the end of the Bill of Rights as we know them, and we will see local police forces controlled by a central government! America will die at that convention.

If we don't create new parties, we will not see a real change in America's direction. Obama's great failure was that all of his revolution was centered in him...he left. The same will be true for Donald Trump. If he cannot create a new party based on America First principles, than his presidency will be a mere blip and the Ruling Elite will take back both the White House, and the direction of this nation to suicide.

To survive, America, the America we love, needs at least one new primary party, the America First policy, but we really need two new ones. The Democratic Party has proven to be too corrupt, too much in the nands of a very few, The battle between Right and Left should not end, but to have a true contest, one that will provide the best results for America, we need two parties with definable - easily identifiable courses. We don't have that now, and cannot, since the same people run both parties.
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