George P. Bush's Disastrous plan for the Future of the Alamo 2
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A website and associated social media have been established giving full information about the flaws in Bush’s REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan. Please visit


To evaluate Bush’s proposed plan go to To view a video of the proposed plan go to .

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John Hinnant
August 12, 2017
The Facts about the “Reimagine the Alamo Master Plan”

Texas State General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush has contracted with a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company to develop a new image for the Alamo. This new plan titled “Reimagine The Alamo” has the full support of Commissioner Bush even to the point of him asking the Texas legislators to appropriate $175,000,000 for the new Alamo image. $100,000,000 has been appropriated to start implementing this plan. By their own admission, this plan will greatly diminish the significance of the world-famous 1836 Alamo Battle.

This “Master Plan” will incorporate the following changes

• Move the Alamo Cenotaph that lists the names of the Defenders, from Alamo Plaza to a location away from the Alamo. There is no guarantee the Cenotaph will not be damaged beyond repair or destroyed during the move. FACT!

• Erect 10 foot high see-through imported German glass walls to represent the original Alamo walls. These glass walls will completely enclose all four sides of Alamo Plaza. Re-creating original walls using the original native limestone where possible as has been done at all four of the other missions in San Antonio is a DEFINITE NO as part of this plan. FACT!

• Remove all the trees on Alamo Plaza—because there were no trees in Alamo Plaza in 1836— BUT…Line the West side of Alamo Plaza with trees/benches to create a tourist friendly environment. FACT!

• Spend millions of dollars to renovate three old buildings across Alamo Street into a 135,000 square foot multicultural museum. The 1836 Alamo Battle story will have to be abbreviated to fit inside the basement. The Lincoln Museum has 200,000 square feet of space for one man. FACT!

• Build an open air restaurant and garden/observation deck atop the three renovated buildings. FACT!

• The Reimagine the Alamo Plan will cost an estimated $450,000,000 to implement. FACT!

This plan has the full support and approval of Texas GLO Commissioner George P. Bush. FACT!

The Texas General Land Office manages the Alamo, not the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. FACT!

One must wonder why GLO Commissioner Bush, a native Texan elected to a state office, would support a plan that will transform the Alamo and Alamo Plaza into a glass enclosed 21st century theme park.

Commissioner Bush should be asked to explain why he fully endorses the Reimage the Alamo Plan, and why a Pennsylvania based company, instead of a Texas based company, was selected to develop the Reimagine the Alamo Master Plan.

The above FACTS were presented by Dr. George C. Skarmeas at a April 10, 2017 public hearing in San Antonio, Texas, reported by the San Antonio Express News April 11, 2017, and approved by the San Antonio City Council May 11, 2017. FACT!

John L. Hinnant

San Antonio, Texas

August 10, 2017