Convention of States needed
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Our federal government wants us to believe that their purpose is to provide for our needs. They do this because it serves their purpose—the aggregation of federal power.  Over the years, the federal government has amassed overwhelming power that is clearly outside of the boundaries that the Framers intended when they wrote the Constitution.

Our Constitution permits the Supreme Court to be the final interpreter. This interpreted Constitution allows runaway spending, undeclared wars, government agencies spying on the citizens, massive debt, rule by executive order, coercive medical insurance, and the rise of a dominating bureaucracy.  All of these things are constitutional according to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court admitted they disregarded the Framers’ intents in the court’s opinion in New York vs USA, in 1992,

Congress will never amend the Constitution to restore the Framers' intents--it's not in their interest.  It is up to the people and our state legislatures to rein in the power and jurisdiction of the federal government through an Article V Convention of States.  Citizens for Self Governance started the Convention of States Project in August 2013 and it has taken off.  Learn more by visiting


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Bill Walker
September 03, 2014
For reference. You can read the 759 applications from 49 states at The Constitution mandates a convention call if 34 states submit 34 applications. So a convention is mandated and will occur. BTW COS endorses disenfranchisement of the people from the delegate selection process, pre control of the convention agenda and felony arrest for any delegate who fails to follow "directions" given him by special interests controlling the state legislatures. You might want to think long and hard about supporting COS instead of supporting a convention which is two different subjects.