I'm Ready for Football
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I love football season - even though I don’t know very much about it. There is just something about the mood of the nation when football season starts. I will never forget going to an OSU game, or was it OU? It was definitely OU, I think.

Anyway, I remember being really into it. I remember yelling a lot. I kept screaming sack ‘em, sack ‘em. The guy that took me finally turned to me and said, you do realize only the quarterback can be sacked right? I just yelled sack ‘em every time I think a player should be hit.

Nope, I had no idea. I still don’t fully understand the whole sack versus tackle definition and I don’t care. I still love football. As a child in East Texas, football season was the best. I remember on Friday nights my mom would make hot chocolate and roast peanuts before the game. While my dad would be in the garage dusting off the stadium seats and getting the blankets. It was a ritual.

I loved seeing the players bust through the paper and hearing the band play. I had no clue what was going on, on the field. I would just yell when my dad yelled. By the fourth quarter I was usually asleep. I would lay across my dad’s lap and sleep peacefully. I don’t know how I managed to sleep with the crowd cheering and the band playing but I did. I would usually wake up as my dad packed me to the car.

“Is it over,” I would ask with my eyes still closed? Then I would always ask, “Did we win?”

As I got older, I became obsessed with the cheerleaders. I just loved looking at them perform. I often wondered as I sat in the stands with my hot chocolate and blanket if they were freezing in those short skirts.

I remember telling my mom, when I grow up I want to be a cheerleader and wear short skirts and go to all of the football games. She would just smile and say one day maybe.

When I was in college, I loved going to the football games. Before the game, I would hang out with my grandpa and his friends who I affectionately called the grumpy old men. I would eat with them and listen to their funny topics. They would talk about everything from the defense, the offense, politics, taxes, lawn care and war stories. I would then make my way to hang with my college buddies. Me and my crew would walk around and pay attention to everything but the actual game. However those football games were some of my best college memories.

When I started taking care of my mom, she didn’t look forward to much besides fishing and football. It got so bad, I got depressed with the football was season was over. Every week she would ask me, is football coming on tonight? I hated telling her no. The next year, I recorded the games and would replay it for her when the season was over.

I may not know how many players there are on the field at one time. I am still learning what offsides means and I still often fall asleep before the fourth quarter but I will definitely be partaking in the football season. I can’t wait.

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