Tax system needs changes
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Our income tax is a destructive system. Karl Marx knew this in 1848 when listing a graduated income tax as one of ten tools to bring down prosperous nations. He knew it could be exploited to become the failure we see with the IRS. His solution to this would be Communism.

It is amazing how many Americans do not realize this threat to our way of life and prosperity. Large businesses have been built around supporting the income tax. The "benefits" of the income tax has enabled members of Congress to exploit it to buy votes during the last 100 years to keep them in office. This destructive tax system can be replaced with a system that can return this nation to it's rightful place as the most prosperous in the history of the world. HR25/S122 will do that.

These bills have been shelved in one form or another for 5 years. Congress does not want to give up the system used to buy the votes and keep the members in office. It will take a significant grassroots movement to make this happen. It is time to stop the destructiveness of the IRS. For more information:
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August 22, 2014
The short answer is Lois Lerner, and Catherine Engelbrecht.

The longer answer is returning the 2.1 trillion dollars parked overseas in corporate money, plus another 14 trillion in private investment returning to America growing our economy and creating jobs here at home.

Removing from America the stranglehold on the worlds leading economy from the worlds highest corporate tax rates.

Putting 30 billion dollars into the hands of consumers each month when American workers get 100% of their paychecks without the government stealing theirs first.

Putting 30 billion dollars into the hands of employers each month when employers no longer have to pay a matching contribution.

Our government spends 6.85 million dollars every minute. The real answer is Americans will have a very different perspective on how much money our government spends when they go to buy 200 dollars worth of groceries and have to pay 46 dollars in federal taxes.