Conservatives rip Ann Coulter for blaming Ebola doc’s illness on ‘Christian narcissism’
by TRAVIS GETTYS, The Raw Story
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Conservative gadfly Ann Coulter drew widespread condemnation for attacking a Christian missionary who contracted the Ebola virus while serving in Africa.

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Who Cares
August 09, 2014
Who cares what this guy was or wasn't we don't need this crap here. They were doctors, they knew what they were dealing with, they were suited up and still got it. This has nothing to do with helping these poor people. This has to do with the safety of the rest of us. The CDC just lost anthrax and small pox recently now they bring back this crap. One day after these people arrive they raise the risk level to level one. This is about greedy corporations expanding their already existing patent on ebola. Google CDC ebola patent. SICK VERY SICK! I agree with Donald Trump
Peer Castle
August 08, 2014
Coulter knows how to garner attention, especially in ludicrous ways. See essay: “Ann Coulter’s Xenophobic Anti-Gospel of Hate” at

Coulter condemns Christians for practicing their faith just as she has condemned conservatives for being principled. In her Ebola diatribe, Christian missionaries are hypocrites seeking to be seen as heroic but are really cowards for not staying in America to fight the culture wars.

See The Gospel According to Ann Coulter at
August 07, 2014
HELL if anything they being missionaries are to blame.. because they are turning there backs on their own people.

Besides, how many millions have we sent over there. When their country growth rates ave 6 % a year for 10 years,, Where has all that money gone..

Time to cut the cord.. and they can keep ebola for them selves. We should never allowed any of it in the states. We damn sure need to close the border!
Jay in Austin
August 09, 2014
H8r's gotta h8, right, "anonymous?" So ... how's that working out for you?