Are you Passionate?
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I am not a very passionate person. I don’t fight for causes, I don’t do volunteer work, and I don’t get too involved in politics. My life may be too busy for me to get involved in such things.

I recently read an article about an Arizona inmate that took two hours to die during his execution. There are many people who are very passionate against the death penalty. In the article there were those who were said that it was cruel and others who said it didn’t matter how he died because he was being put to death for murdering two people. Honestly, I have very little passion about whether it is right or wrong. I guess it is because it doesn’t affect me directly.

There are a lot of different causes out there. I have a friend on facebook who is fundraising for a diabetic alert dog. It is a great cause. I have another friend, Richard Penn the Pittsburg Police Chief who is rallying for the Mount Pleasant Texas Animal Shelter. Not only did he make a personal donation to the cause, he is taking time to personally help the organization.

I make donations to causes but I don’t participate. I don’t volunteer at rallies or do walks or anything that would take significant time out of my life. I feel guilty saying that out loud but I don’t.

I think it is great for those who do give so much of themselves for a cause. Everytime I see news stories of people who give so much to others, I always wonder how and why they do it. When I was working at a News Station in Tyler I went with a reporter to cover a story about people who were staying East Texas after Hurricane Katrina. There were so many volunteers helping complete strangers. I wish I had enough passion to volunteer for a great cause.

Don’t get me wrong, each year I find a needy family to give to during the Christmas season. I give back when and where I can. However, most of that is donations, not my time. I want to change that. I want to find passion for something. I just don’t know what that would be.

I asked my husband if we were bad people because we don’t volunteer for anything. He reminded me I have my hands full taking care of my 91 year old mother for the past 10 years. He assures me that sometime later in life, I will find passion for something.

I hope he is right. I feel like my life is missing something because I have no passion. You should enjoy life and give back at the same time. I urge everyone to take a moment and think about what you are passionate about. I am going to do the same.

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