Is Marriage Becoming a “Financial Security” More Than Love?
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Do you want someone to marry you for money? Marriage expert and bestselling author Hellen Chen poses the question at her live seminar.
Do you want someone to marry you for money? Marriage expert and bestselling author Hellen Chen poses the question at her live seminar.

Kerrigan is 27-years-old and he has not even bothered to look for a girlfriend though being married has been his dream. What is holding him back? Money.

A few years after earning his college diploma, he was laid off during the 2008 recession and took up a job as a part-time security guard. "I am absolutely sure that no girl would look at what I have and consider me a prospect for marriage." said Kerrigan, “I can’t give anyone financial security.”

His story is among the many singles who postponed marriage because of struggles in finance.

Marriage expert and three-time bestselling author Hellen Chen, whose marital advice has been showcased in over 200 publications, radio and TV interviews in 20 countries worldwide, has a unique viewpoint from her experience as an unorthodox matchmaker. She has helped over 100 men and women to get married regardless of their background.

Chen said, "In generations before us, we do not hear of such reasoning that a guy or a girl needs to have financial achievements in order to marry. Yet, in modern society, 'no money' has been one of the top reasons why someone has delayed marriage. "

In one of her bestselling relationship book “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar,” which is named after her live seminar event for singles and couples, Chen wrote about the irony of guys “inviting” the ladies to marry them for money by putting earning money and social status first before forming a family.

“You attract like-minded people.” said Chen, “But if you are in your early 20s and you have nothing to your name, that is the best time to marry. At least the lady who marries you loves you for who you are.”

Amy was 28-years-old and single and had wanted to settle down. But she felt that she did not have the looks nor social skills to attract men, she opted to try dating services.

“I met many guys at dating events. I tried to act naturally as myself but in our meetup sessions, most guys were not interested to know who I really am. They talked about themselves and what they liked  --  they were looking for some kind of ‘ideal women’ which I am not.” said Amy, who then read about Chen’s books and came to attend her Love Workshop.

“I learn what really matters in a marriage.” said Amy. “Looks can fade and financial strengths can wane. The only security is the couple working hard to keep the relationship strong and never lose sight of why they marry in the first place.”

Amy met Kerrigan at Chen’s workshop and at Chen's encouragement as a matchmaker, Kerrigan married Amy and they subsequently have their first child and Amy is now pregnant with a second.

"I have no idea that a married life would bring so much to my life." said Kerrigan, cuddling his one-year-old son,"Amy make my life complete. And with our children, it gave me more motivation to strive harder. I could not ask for more!"

At an iHeart radio interview, Chen shared that there are no “rules” in love. "All these 'rules' and 'conditions' about having to have money first before getting married are laid in for the sake of having security. But if having money is a security in marriage, why are we seeing increasing divorces despite the ‘careful selection’ of a partner with financial strengths?" said Chen.

Chen will be holding her next live seminar event on July 19th Saturday in Los Angeles, California. The event will be held at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel City for singles and married couples.

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