An Outing to Remember
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You get what you ask for. This week I asked my husband for an outing. All week I told him, we haven’t been out together as a family since the baby has been born. I told him I wanted to go to Longview and go shopping. I also wanted to top off the trip with a nice meal. He agreed reluctantly but my husband always tries to give me what I want. However, my husband is a homebody. I like getting out.

So on the big day of outing, I gave the babies baths, picked out their clothes and then went to get myself ready. While I was taking a shower, it started to rain and I knew my outing was over before it even started. When I got out of the shower, I told my husband I guess we aren’t going because it is raining. In his most disappointed face he said, “Yeah, I’m sorry.” However, his eyes said thank goodness. I was quick with my response, “We will go tomorrow.”

I have to admit I thought I had planned everything but when it was time to go, I spent nearly 20 minutes trying to get my mom’s wheelchair and my baby’s stroller in the car. I was already defeated and tired but I didn’t let my husband know.

Our first stop was the toy store. My mom was in her wheelchair and I put my baby in the shopping basket for my husband to push. There was no room for my toddler so he was allowed to walk around. It was so much fun. My son played with a big magnifying glass laughing at how big I looked. His laughter filled the store. Then he fell. I felt like everyone was looking at me saying what a bad mother, she let her son fall. Mind you there was no one else anywhere near me as the store was pretty empty but I felt shamed. We left shortly after the fall.

I decided not to do any more shopping and go to the restaurant for our nice meal. There were no close parking spots so we had to park in the back. My mom was pushing the stroller with me behind her and my son was being carried by his dad. Then it started raining and by the time we got inside my son was cranky because he was wet and my little girl was crying to the top of her lungs and my mom was cold.

When we finally got inside, the nice hostess just smiled and my husband made a polite joke about the baby crying. The first table she gave us didn’t work out and neither did the second. We finally settled for a big table right in the middle of the restaurant. Huge mistake. As you read this I want you to know I am not embellishing. It took us thirty minutes to get settled at the table before we could even order. I am sure you are wondering why it would take us so long to place our order. It wasn’t the waitress fault. At this point the baby was still crying so loudly I had to nurse her. This left my husband managing my son and mother. The particular restaurant I chose had big knives on the table, lovely salt shakers, a wine menu and at some point the waitress brought bread and water. Between fighting my son for the menus and my mom trying to eat the butter it was true chaos. Not to mention the fact that they originally brought my son a booster seat that didn’t have straps. My husband literally had to hold him so he wouldn’t fall out until we got a high chair.

During all my planning I never thought about the fact my 91 year old mom doesn’t have the capability to have good table manners. Without going into too much details, I was highly concerned about my fellow patrons. I didn’t want her doing anything that would disturb the other guests. I tried my best to wipe her mouth and keep her clean. At some point my precious sweet mother took her teeth out at the table to clean them in her glass of water. Yes, this happened. I was mortified. I am sure that everyone in the restaurant saw this but my husband assures me I grabbed them so fast that no one saw.

I almost forgot to mention my son throwing his crayons and my threats of time outs if he did it again which of course he did repeatedly. The young man in front of us who looked to be in his twenties, would just pick up the crayon and give it back to my son. It was obvious he was on a date and I apologized each time but he just smiled and never said anything. Now I know this could be my mind playing tricks on me but I could have sworn I heard him tell his date he was going to go get a vasectomy the next day. I could be wrong because it was very loud, with my baby crying, my mother telling me she was freezing and my son demanding more bread.

The best part of the meal was when the table behind us got up to leave and one of them elbowed me in the back. It wasn’t too hard but I am positive it was some sort of payback. My husband assured me I was just being paranoid.

Before we departed my husband and I made a strategic game plan on how to exit the building. I was to go get the car and pull it around front and get my mom in the car first. Then I was supposed to come back and get the boy and he was going to get the girl. This way we didn’t have to congest the entire restaurant like we did coming in.

I am happy to report this part of the plan worked out beside the fact while I was gone my daughter started crying to the top of her lungs again. I was glad I wasn’t there for that. My husband said he just kept his head down and tried not to make eye contact with anyone as he walked out.

I love my husband very much. He always tries to give me what I ask for. I asked for an outing and that is what I got. I plan to stay in at home for a while; a long while. © 2014, MaLu Bradford Beyonce, All Rights Reserved.

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