Who do You Follow?
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I feel like a stalker. I find myself following my favorite news anchor, Lisa Spooner. As a writer, I should clarify myself. I find myself following her on social media. I’m not hanging out in parking lots with binoculars or anything like that. However, it feels strange that I feel like I have a connection to her.


You probably remember Lisa from CBS 19 in Tyler. Well now she is one of the main hosts on The Daily Buzz, a nationally syndicated news show. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you do. The show is really entertaining and informative. If you have teenagers in your house, this is a great way to get them to start watching the news and be more informed of what is going on in the world. I have watched the show since I was in college.


I follow Lisa so closely because she is a great role model in my eyes. If you have young adults in your house, try watching The Daily Buzz in the morning with them. Lisa graduated from Texas A&M and was Miss Texas. She also coaches pageant girls, so if you have aspirations of becoming a pageant queen, that is another reason to follow her.


This past week Lisa posted a picture of her new pedicure on her Facebook page. A man made a comment about how suckable her toe was. I immediately got offended. A little later the comment was gone. Then later the same man made a post of one of her co-host page about how he didn’t mean anything by it but still made some inappropriate remarks. It was creepy to me. I felt like I needed to come to her defense. Then I realized, that is a little creepy of me. I don’t know Lisa and never met her but I feel like I have a connection to her. This is what social media does. It gives you connections to complete strangers. When she first took over the hosting position on The Daily Buzz, there I was defending her when others said negative things about her.


Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites have this strange power to make you feel like you have a connection to people you don’t know. I have a co-worker and I have become friends with his aunt on Facebook. I even call her my adopted Aunt. I have never met her or my co-worker in person but I feel so blessed to know them. Social network connections can be a great thing, a bad thing, or even a scary thing.


I will point out I do have a small connection to Lisa Spooner in a seven degrees of separation type of way. She used to co-host with Bryan Houston at CBS 19. I used to work with Bryan at KLTV for a short while. He speaks very highly of her and that is good enough for me.


As social media grows, we will have to grow with it. I never thought I would feel a connection to someone I didn’t know. I remember back in the day when people had pen pals. I always thought that was strange. Now that concept happens every second of every day for millions of people around the world.


Maybe the man who though Lisa’s toe was suckable felt a connection to her because he follows her on facebook everyday the same as me. However, I think everyone needs to realize that social media needs to have boundaries. You don’t really know someone just because you follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


I have so many people that ask me about Beyonce just because we are related. Most people know more about her than I do. I find it so strange when they talk about her like they know her.


While I have no opinion on whether or not Lisa’s toe is suckable, I do think she is a person to be looked up to and to be followed on social media. I highly suggest you add her on twitter @spoonerchic. While you're at it, feel free to follow me, @malubeyonce. I also suggest you check out who your kids are following. They are going to feel a connection to these people.

Make sure they are worthy of being followed.


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