A democracy in need of correcting itself
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America can eventually destroy itself with the growing gun problem. The country has become numbed toward senseless shootings that occur so frequently. The need for powerful lobbyists and gun dealers to make money supersedes the need to bring sanity to a country drowning in greed.

As a result of greed over common sense, a form of denial in my country is setting in. We as a nation are dangerously heading down a dark road where being safe will become a thing of the past. For those of us that can see that too many guns are leading US down a path of premature destruction, the coming 2014 ballot box should show a great unified effort to reverse the downward path; this would be in a real true sense a democracy rectifying itself.

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Jack Ivy
June 07, 2014
I know that with your attitude it will not make any difference what facts anyone uses, you still won't be able to see the truth. Most mass shootings occur in "Gun Free Zones". Most of the teenagers doing the shooting are on prescribed psychiatric drugs, like Ritalin. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws, but their weekly average murder rate is higher than most mass shootings. An estimated 84million legal gun owners killed no one last month
Joe Mumford
June 07, 2014
I agree Jack, Remember, Folks guns do not shoot people, People do!

Waddell, To men there are other problems that are more important, Like the fact so far, No one at GM, or the Federal Government Has GONE TO JAIL FOR KILLING FOLKS.. No One has been outraged by the action or the lack of action about closing down the boarder, enforcing the laws we have.. as the lair and chief seems to break them every day..

Stop the promotion of Queerism, thru the Government, Tv, Sports, and yes even auto MFG.. GM..

But I will add this, They will have to pry my guns out of my cold dead hands, and that is a FACT!

So, you see there are many more things more important than a few people dieing at the hands of other people.. Just so happens they chose a gun to do the deed!