Scholarships, awards given
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Gilmer High School announced the end of the year Academic Awards and scholarships at the annual awards assembly Wednesday, May 28. The program in the Buckeye Gymnasium concluded with the announcement to the two awards chosen by vote of the entire faculty. The Gilmer High School Citizenship Award went to Haygan Thomas and the Scholarship, Loyalty, and Achievement Award went to Hank Nelson.

Principal Greg Watson welcomed the guests and Cassandra Galeano led the invocation.

This year the program began with the announcement of scholarship recipients.

Gilmer graduate Roderick McKnight announced the winners of the Arnold Freshman Scholarship to Texas A&M-Texarkana. The awards went to Jessica Davis, Emilee Fenton, Meloney Holley, Steven Holeman, and Destiny Wolf.

The Chick-fil-A Leadercast Scholarship went to Cassie Galeano.

The Ramsey Realty Group Scholarship was awarded to Emily Buettner and Blake Rice.

Suzanne Fuller presented the Austin Bank Scholarships to Cassandra Galeano and Catherine Williams.

Jane Steelman presented the Upshur County Hospital Auxiliary scholarships to Cody Stansbury and Tanner Barr.

Pat and Cade Camp presented the Matt Camp Memorial Scholarship to Jaidon Parrish.

The East Texas Professional Credit Union Scholarship was presented by Kristal Martin with the $1,000 Presidential Scholarship going to Blake Rice and the $2,000 McLauchlin Scholarship to Catherine Williams.

The Gladewater Area Ladies Association represented by Pat Thomas and Barbara Kennedy went to Haygan Thomas.

The Red Oak Baptist Church Educational Scholarship was presented by Brian Rogers to Kennedy Schott.

The C.P. Morse Scholarship in Memory of Lisa Morse went to Brian Restine.

The Etex Essay Contest Scholarship went to Catherine Williams.

Etex Telephone Scholarships of $600 each went to Katelynn Broadway, Emily Buettner, Bryce Carroll, Cara Davidson, Brooke Davis, Bradena Ford, Oscar Hernandez, Corbin Johnson, Phillip Johnston, Jaidon Parrish, Bree Rawls, Kennedy Scott, and Melani Williams.

The Bruce High School Memorial Scholarship went to Devan Jones, Iesha Fluellen, and Bradena Ford.

The Weldon School Alumni Scholarship went to Kennedy Scott.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Effie H. Muckleroy Memorial Scholarship went to Bradena Ford.

The Alpha Nu Epsilon Scholarship went to Shaylee Fennell.

The Lake Country Harmony Chorus went to Hailey Langford.

The Montgomery G.I. Bill scholarships presented by Petty Officer 2nd Class Kovadis Maxie, U.S. Navy, went to Edward Escalante, Patrick Kochin, and Justin Lakes.

The Montgomery G.I. Bill scholarship presented by Sgt. Arnall, U.S. Marine Corps, went to Mason Ruggles.

Jane Roberson presented the Gilmer High School Class of 1957 Scholarship to Steven Holeman.

Sandy Dean presented the Twentieth Century Club Scholarship to Karlie White.

Upshur Rural-Electrick Cooperative Corporation scholarships went to Cara Davidson, Cassandra Galeano, Courtney Gipson, and Garrett Parish.

The Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo Scholarship went to Haygan Thomas, Garrett Parish, and Kennedy Scott.

The East Texas Yamboree Board of Directors’ Scholarship of $500 went to Sean Keegan, while the Yamboree Lady-In-Waiting Scholarships went to Emily Buettner, Shaylee Fennell, Iesha Fluellen, Melani Williams, and Katelyn Broadway.

The Iris Garden Club Scholarship went to Iesha Fluellen.

The Gilmer Rotary Club Scholarship went to Cara Davidson.

The Gilmer Lions Club Scholarships went to Drew Rogers and Emily Buettner.

The Gilmer Kiwanis Club Scholarships went to Cody Stansbury, Emily Buettner, Catherine Williams, Kaitlyn Broadway, Kaitlyn Crockett, and Shaylee Fennell.

The Gilmer Kiwanis Club Scholastic Achievement Award went to Trenton Carter.

Mavis Dacus of the Rachel Sunday School Class presented the Virginia Arnwine Memorial Scholarships to

Emily Buettner, Courtney Gipson, Catherine Williams, Bradena Ford, Bryce Tomlin, Jaidon Parrish,

Cody Stansbury, and Blake Rice.

The Xi Psi Chi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship went to Dakota Martinez.

The Upshur County Texas A & M Club scholarship went to Sean Keegan.

The Greater Longview Chapter Delta Waterfowl Scholarship went to Garrett Parish.

The Gilmer High School Class of 1965 Henry McClelland Scholarship went to Zeth Abney.

The Trendsetter Construction, Inc. Scholarship went to Mitch Lange.

The Kilgore College Superintendent’s Scholarship of $600 went to Cody Stansbury.

The Kilgore College Principal’s Scholarship of $600 went to Colin Ross.

The Bess M. Gillespie Scholarship Fund award of $1,000 went to Tanner Barr.

The Sanitation Solutions Scholarship of $500 each went to Bryce Tomlin and Iesha Fluellen.

The Ila Burnett Carpenter Scholarship of $600 went to Hailey Langford.

The Duncan Scholarships of $625 went to Kaitlin Crockett, Cara Davidson, Shaylee Fennell, Bradena Ford, Courtney Gipson, Rebecca Hudson, Corbin Johnson, Sean Keegan, Cecily Massey, Taylor Mobley, Garrett Parish, Blake Rice, Andrew Rogers, Haygan Thomas, Karlie White, and Catherine Williams.

The Clayton B and Frances M. Willis Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 each went to Steven Holeman and to Jaidon Parrish.

Members of the faculty presented the subject awards starting with Trisha Kaunitz with the English Language Arts. English 1 Pre-AP went to Brett Rice and English 2 to Stormey Brummell. English 2 Pre-AP went to Aber LaGrone, English 3 to Frederick Curtis, and English 3 AP to Gentry Shelton. English 4 Award went to Tatiana Anthony and English 4-AP to Hailey Langford. English 1301 Dual Credit went to Garrett parish and English 1302 Dual Credit to Shaylee Langford.

Amanada Stepp received the Communications Applications Award, Christian Bebel the Practical Writing Award, and Heather Wooldridge the Journalism Award.

Jessica Davis received the Debate 3 Award and Kylie Johnson the Yearbook Award.

Erin Knabenshue presented the Mathematics Awards with Algebra 1 going to Taylor Riddle, Algebra 1 Pre-AP to Brook Shipp, Algebra 2 to Noah Dunn, and Algebra 2 Pre-AP Samantha McCully.

Geometry Award went to Heather Wooldridge and Geometry Pre-AP to John King.

Pre-Calculus Award went to Tanner Barr and the Pre-Calculus Pre-AP Award to Morgan Long.

Steven Holeman took the Calculus AP Award and Oscar Hernandez the Independent Study of Mathematics Award.

Criss Bartley presented the awards for the Science Department. Integrated Physics & Chemistry Award went to Caitlin Doss, Biology 1 to Jasmine Watson, Biology 1 Pre-AP to Caulen Spencer, and Biology AP to Steven Holeman.

Tabitha Cantrell received the Chemistry1 Pre-AP Award, Will Harrison the Physics Award, and Dane Jesters the Physics Honors Award.

Bradena Ford received the Anatomy and Physiology Award and Iesha Fluellen the Aquatic Science Award.

Carolyn Williams made the presentations for the Social Studies Department. World Geography went to Destiny Brooks, World History to Reagan Isonhood, and World History AP to Andrew Rogers.

The History of Religion award went to Hank Nelson, the U.S. Since Reconstruction to James Caffey, United States History AP to Misael Hernandez, U.S. History 1301-Dual Credit to Bayley LeGrand, and U.S. History 13-2-Dual Credit to Silvia Rocha.

Dakota Martinez received the U.S. Government 2305 Dual Credit Award, Blake Rice the Economics Award, Michaela Devendorf the Psychology Award, while Chelsea Young received the award for Special Topics in Social Studies.

Lisa Ray presented the awards for Foreign Languages.

Caitlyn Cole earned the Spanish 1 award, Colby Gipson the Spanish 2 Award, Sean Ray the Spanish 3 Pre-AP, and Maria Aguillon the Spanish AP award.

Eric Gray presented the awards for Fine Arts, AVID, and the Health Sciences.

Among the Fine Arts awards, Caitlyn Keegan received the Band 1 award, Alexa Silver Band 2, Whitney Haschke Band 3, and Sean Keegan Band 4.

Theatre Arts 1 went to Abigail Engel, Theatre Arts 2 to Rebecca Hudson, Theatre Arts 3 to Aston Ray, and Theatre Arts 4 to Brooke Davis.

Jose Gregorio Mendoza received the Arts 1 Award, Devan Jones for Art 2, Erica Wesley for Art 3, and Eric Price for Art 4.

The Choir 1 Award went to Taylor Brummell, Choir 2 to Keylon Mathis, Choir 3 to Marquis Collier, and Choir 4 to Cassie Galeano.

Belynda Ray received the AVID 1 Award, Tyuler Rivas AVID 2, Aston Culberson AVID 3, and Alexandra Hoffpauir AVID 4.

In the Health Sciences, Trevor Lewis received the Health Award, Raelyn Peel the Medical Terminology Award, and Lidia Sustaire the Medical Terminology Dual Credit Award. Micah McMillan received the Sports Medicine 1 Award and Racel Barber the award for Sports Medicine 2.

Sarah Heflin presented the Home Economics Education Awards.

Fashion went to Karlie Cochran, Advanced Fashion Design to Cara Davidson, Hospitality to Cheyenne Hardin, and Nutrition and Wellness to Nathan Jenkins. Jaden Green received the Principals of Human Services Award.

Dustin Gunter presented the awards in Business Education.

Game Programming and Design went to Nina Hernandez, Animation to Destiny Wolf, and Word Processing to Macy Michaud. Desktop Publishing Award went to Dale Garcia, Digital Media to Joshua Morey, and Web Technology to Tex Yazell.

The Trade and Industrial Education awards and the Agricultural Science and Technology awards were presented by Russell Thomas.

Matthew Williams received the Introduction to Transportation Award, Fernando Carrion the Automotive Technician 1 Award, Jonathan Morey the Automotive Technician 2 Award, and Mason Sanders the Automotive Technician 3 Award.

Becca Grimes received the Principles of Agriculture Award, Jake Traylor the Professional Communications Award, and Courtney Carden the Floral Design Award.

Hether Tindle received the Horticulture Award, Katelyn Broadway the Advanced Animal Science Award, and Logan LaRocque the Veterinary Medical Applications Award.

Taylor Hardin received the Agricultural Marketing Co-Op Award, Connor Black the Wildlife Award, Josh Altman the Forestry Award, Cole Hart the Agricultural Metal Fabrications Award, Aray Sheridan the Welding Award, and Corbin Johnson the Advanced Welding Award.

ROTC Awards were presented by Robert Gannon. The outstanding Junior Air Force ROTC members were Michelle Fails ROTC 1, Isaiah Curtis ROTC 2, Veronica Womble ROTC 3, Nina Hernandez ROTC 4,and Jamie Pack ROTC Leadership.

Lisa Ray and Ben Patrick presented the awards to the UIL participants. The first presentation went to the first individual in Gilmer High School history to win state in a UIL academic event, Hailey Langford, for Ready Writing. She also participated in Spelling.

The other students participating were: Bayley LeGrand - Prose Interpretation, Penelope Vestal - Current Events, Aylon Armstrong - Computer Applications, Jessica Davis - Persuasive Speaking & Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and Zach Bowlin - Informative Speaking.

Patrick made the presentations to the One Act Play actors and crew: Sean Keegan, Matthew Washburn, Taylor Brummell, Tabitha Cantrell, D’Keyvin Cook, Brooke Davis, Abigail Engel, Iesha Fluellen, Dimitri Fort, Courtney Gipson, William Harrison, Alex Hoffpauir, Rebecca Hudson, Sadie Hutchison, Rebecca Martin, Sarah McDonald, Michael Murry, Ashton Ray, Andrew Rogers, and Trey Treadway.

Eric Gray presented the John Phillip Sousa Award to Dakota Martinez, Louie Armstrong Jazz Award to Sean Keegan, Director’s Award to Jace Daniel, and the All-State Band Awards to Whitney Haschke and Alexa Silve.

The U.S. Marine Corps Awards were presented by Sgt. Arnall. Steven Holeman received the Scholastic Achievement Award, Garrett Parish the Scholar Athlete Award, and Megan Thompson the Music Excellence Award.

American Legion Awards were presented by Gerald Holsworth to Haygan Thomas, Hank Nelson, Patrick Kochin, Mason Ruggles, Edward Escalante, and Justin Lakes.

Alise Nolan presented the Gilmer ISD Foundation Essay Awards. The ninth grade award went to Brook Shipp for teacher Cody Christenberry, tenth grade to Reagan Isonhood for teacher Barbara Stone, eleventh grade to Morgan Long for teacher Lisa Ray, and twelfth grade to Haygan Thomas for teacher Russell Thomas.

Bradena Ford received the certificate acknowledging four years of perfect attendance.

Named to the four year honor roll by Principal Watson were: Zeth Abney, Tanner Barr, Jessica Boykins, Emily Buettner, Maria Buettner, Trent Carter, Kaitlyn Crockett, Jace Daniel, Cara Davidson , Brooke Davis, Jed Dean, Shaylee Fennell, Emilee Fenton, Bradena Ford, Harrison Foster, Cassandra Galeano, Kylie Gezella, Courtney Gipson, Taylor Hardin, Oscar Hernandez, Steven Holeman, Meloney Holley, Zach Hubbard, Rebecca Hudson, Corbin Johnson, Devan Jones, Sean Keegan, Dillon Keeling, Patrick Kochin, Hailey Langford, Dakota Martinez, Cecily Massey, Taylor Mobley, Breanna Mosley, Hank Nelson, Jamie Pack, Garrett Parish, Nathaniel Pierce, Bryan Restine, Blake Rice, Lacie Roberts, Kennedy Scott, Makayla Sikes, Haygan Thomas, Karlie White, Catherine Williams, Destiny Wolf, and Chelsea Young.

Academic Letter Awards which were earned for the 2012-13 school year were presented to 178 students who attended Gilmer High last school year. The awards to sophomores went to Maria Aguillon, Joshua Altman, Hunter Anderson, Christian Bebel, Cameron Bowman, Christian Brown, Dalton Bruce, Catherine Bruns, Jacob Butler, Matthew Caldwell, Erik Cerda, Torrian Chism, Riley Coleman, Derrick Corcoran, Haylee Dunn, Brooklyn Dyer, Elizabeth Dykes, Kaitlin Ennis, Taylor Fennell, Amber Fitzgerald, Dale Garcia, Colby Gipson, Connor Gray, Justin Hall, Alexia Hamilton, Carly Harston, Quentin Harston, Denton Hart, Jonathan Hendrix, Ashlynn Hill, Brandon Hollis, Andrew Hughes, Hunter Hux, Reagan Isonhood, Aber LaGrone, Trevor Lewis, Savanah Loftice, Melesio Maldonado, Keylon Mathis, Samantha McCully, Aubrey Mulkeroy, Tristian Olivares, Katherine Owen, Phillip Peters, Megan Plunk, Haley Ramsey, Tyler Rivas, Matthew Roberts, Matthew Ruesing, Jhonny Sanchez, Matthew Sandison, Alexa Silver, Devin Smith, Kara Smith, Preston Smith, Amanda Stepp, Brenna Sullivan, Whitney Till, Jacob Traylor, Brennan Warren, Derek Wilkerson, Emily Williamson, and Eric Wilson.

Juniors received the academic letters were Megan Bartram, Laurel Beasley, Blevin Burns, James Caffey, Cezar Chavez, Aston Culberson, Kirsten Davis, William Dodd, Zita Dykes, Maddison Evans, Logan Gilbreath, Jason Gonzalez, Justin Gonzalez, Jaden Green, Keely Hancock, Harlie Harris, Tanner Harrison, William Harrison, Whitney Haschke, Misael Hernandez, Lauren Jones, John King, Ryan Laughlin, Bayley LeGrand, Taylor Lofton, Morgan Long, Clarissa Lopez, Joseph Maberry, Sarah McDonald, Jose Mendoza, Taylor Montgomery, Jonathan Morey, Jared Pederson, Melina Prince, Aston Ray, Sean Ray, Silvia Rocha, Yulisa Salinas, Brittney Sampson, Veronica Sanchez, Yaquelin Sanchez, Joseph Saxon, Gentry Shelton, David Smith, Nicholas Smith, Nicholas Sullivan, Louren Thampson, Penelope Vestal, and Tex Yazell.

Current seniors who earned their letters as juniors include: Zeth Abney, Rachel Barber, Tanner Barr, Jessica Boykins, Ryder Buchanan, Emily Buettner, Maria Buettner, Trent Carter, Jasmine Cox, Kaitlyn Crockett, Jace Daniel, Cara Davidson, Brooke Davis, Jed Dean, Shaylee Fennell, Emilee Fenton, Iesha Fluellen, Bradenna Ford, Harrison Foster, Cassandra Galeano, Sarah Gezella, Courtney Gipson, Taylor Hardin, Nina Hernandez, Oscar Hernandez, Steven Holleman, Meloney Holley, Zachary Hubbard, Rebecca Hudson, Devan Jones, Kristin Jones, Sean Keegan, Dillon Keeling, Patrick Kochin, Mitch Lange, Hailey Langford, Logan Larocque, Dakota Martinez, Cecily Massey, Taylor Mobley, Breanna Mosley, Hank Nelson, Pablin Olivares, Jamie Pack, Garrett Parish, Nathaniel Pierce, Eric Price, Bree Rawls, Bryan Restine, Blake Rice, Lacie Roberts, Kennedy Scott, Makayla Sikes, Caleb Smith, Haygan Thomas, Megan Thompson, Bryce Tomlin, Karlie White, Jacob Wilkins, Catherine Williams, Destiny Wolf, and Chelsea Young.
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