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Texas is in the grip of drought.  Towns and farms are suffering because existing water


storage is depleted. More water storage is needed, but building surface reservoirs in areas of


high evaporation does not make sense.  Water, available seasonally, or during storms, can be


captured, stored underground in depleted aquifers and pumped back to the surface for use in


times of need. At the June 2nd conference in Austin, a team of expert presenters will discuss


the potential for using captured storm water, treated “used” water, desalinated brackish


groundwater, or oil & gas produce water to augment supply. 


            Water District board members and staff, engineers, groundwater consultants,


environmental NGOs, city officials, river authorities, industry water users, legislative advisors


and federal, state and local officials are among the 150 water specialists who have already


signed-up for the program and more registrations and walk-in attendees are


expected. for full program detail.


Rep. Lyle Larson, Texas House Member, District 122, San Antonio, TX will give the


conference keynote presentation, “Smoothing the path for Aquifer Recharge Legislation in the


next session: Where Texas is heading.




“A nation that fails to plan intelligently for the development and protection of its precious waters will be condemned to wither because of its shortsightedness. “                                                                                 Lyndon B, Johnson



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