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(COPPELL, TEXAS – May 23, 2014)---Hand2Live is excited to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their project, The Hand2Live Challenge. This challenge asks a question that should get every parents attention, “Can your child open their bedroom window to escape a fire?”


Based on data from 2008-2010, the United States Fire Administration has reported that 92 percent of fire fatalities are due to smoke inhalation and thermal burns. Their report also stated 36 percent of the fatalities were attempting to escape but did not make it.


Fire Captain Greg Lawler contends that even as a firefighter with specially designed tools and training, obstacles hindering exit cause the greatest difficulty when attempting to escape a house fire. Hand2Live originated from Capt. Lawler discovering that his 6-year-old daughter could not open the window during a fire drill at home. Lawler has created Hand2Live as the solution for his daughter and wants to share this product with the rest of the country. Simply stated, Hand2Live is a handle that can be fully grasped by a young person or someone with less arm strength, engaging their larger muscles as well as applying more force and leverage to open the window.


The Hand2Live Challenge was developed to promote awareness of the often-overlooked problem of exiting windows during a house fire. The idea is simple, to identify any window exit issues prior to a fire event. Lawler draws a parallel with the very door that most people use every day, doesn’t it make sense for windows that require significant force in opening to have handles as well? It is noted that residences and businesses on elevated floors without viable pathways to the ground are not good candidates for this strategy. However, those with viable paths to the ground, such as a fire escape ladder, should consider the window as an equally practical escape path.


The goal of the Hand2Live Challenge is simple-- get educational information and products, such as the Hand2Live handle, into Firehouses across the country, so they, in turn, can educate their communities about the importance of fire safety and having a viable exit strategy. Crowdfunding has given Hand2Live the opportunity to spread this innovative product to those who need it. The Hand2Live Challenge asks supporters to sponsor the idea of promoting fire safety by funding the creation of Hand2Live demonstration kits for fire departments across the country to use in their communities. Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-hand2live-challenge#home to read more information find out about our great “perks” and donate to the Hand2Live Challenge, and then ask yourself, “How did your last fire drill go? Can your child open their bedroom window to escape a fire?”


About Hand2Live

Hand2Live is the innovation of Fire Captain Greg Lawler, a 28-year veteran of the Fire Rescue Service in Texas. Capt. Lawler founded Hand2Live after his daughter came home with an assignment to design a fire escape plan and rehearse a fire drill at home. The results of the drill failed at her bedroom window. Since that time, Capt. Lawler has made identifying ways to help educate the community on ways to survive residential fires his passion. For more information about the Hand2Live challenge and Hand2Live products, visit Hand2Live.com. Hand2Live can also be found on Facebook and @Hand2Live on Twitter.



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D B8810
May 29, 2014
I've 'child proofed' my home, but I've never thought to 'child enable' my home. I'd bet this would be useful for my aging mother as well.