Anyone else Remember that Ugly Sign?
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I like voicing my opinion. I reckon that is why I love writing. I enjoy seeing people voice their opinions also, Even if I don't agree with it. In today's world it is easy to get your opinion out there. There are websites dedicated for people to post their opinions about everything from restaurants, mechanics, politics to garbage disposals.


Whenever my husband makes a purchase on line he usually tries to justify it with reviews.


"But honey, everyone says this is the best blender they have ever had," he will say in a weird soothing convincing voice.


Either we are blender dummies or those reviews weren't accurate.


One of my friends recently posted a long review about a bad experience she had at an eye doctor. I mean she went into deep details and you could tell she was truly mad. Based on her experience I would never visit that doctor.


I immediately liked her post and made a mental note. I completely trusted her review. Not just because I know her but because she really ripped them apart.


Think about it. When was the last time you took the time to ask for someone's supervisor to give them a compliment? When was the last time you demanded a supervisor because you weren't satisfied? Exactly. I usually ignore good reviews and pay close attention to the bad reviews.


From the comfort of your bed you can join an online protest just with a few clicks of your mouse. However, if it is so easy to join the protest how can we gauge it? When you are truly passionate about something, you go out of your way to be heard; picket signs, sit ins, hunger strikes, and boycotts.


Does anyone remember the big not so pretty sign someone had in their yard about an insurance company that wouldn't pay their claim? It was on highway 271 right outside of Mt. Pleasant. It was there for years. Believe it or not that sign really made a big impact on my life. Each time I saw it it either irritated me, made me think about their stance, or think about how passionate that person was about his dissatisfaction. No matter what though that sign served its purpose.


Like that big ugly sign, I want to be heard. If there is something you are passionate about I urge you to let it be known. Other’s might not like what you have to say but you never know, you might just make an impact even if they don’t agree.

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