I Applaud Single Mothers
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Being a mother is hard. Right now I am typing with one hand, nursing my baby girl, watching my son in the next room, and listening out for my 91 year old mother in the other room. My husband is out of town on business and I encouraged him to go. What was I thinking? I can’t imagine being a single mother full time.


I have peanut butter in my hair and I have no clue when it is coming out. I haven’t cooked in two days. While my children have both had baths, I am not ashamed to admit I have not.


I know a lot of single mothers, some not even in their twenties. How do they do it I wonder. I applaud them. Being a mother is a lot of hard work and doing it alone must be a challenge.


How do single mother’s manage? A lot of them somehow go to school, work, and raise their children. I doubt most of them even have time for their self. The single mothers I know wish they weren’t single. While some of them don’t want to be with their child’s father, they wish they were not alone.


Some mother’s choose to be single mothers. I know someone who wanted to be a mother but never found someone to have a child with. She choose to be inseminated. She said she was happy to be a mother but never realized how hard it was going to be.


I often think about the wives of soldiers. When their husbands are deployed, they are essentially single mothers.


If forced to, I could handle being a single mother but I wouldn’t want to. A few minutes ago my son somehow got his big toe stuck in a brush handle. It took me 15 minutes to get it off. I had to stop writing and put my daughter down. She was not happy. I have been a single mother for less than 48 hours and I am exhausted. I’m not even working right now. I can’t imagine having to work and take care of both my children and mother.


Once again, I applaud all single mothers out there. I told my niece I hope she never becomes a single mother. While I know single mothers are just a capable to become successful and raise great children, it is a lot of hard work.


I am sure single mothers could teach me a thing or two. I would gladly take their advice. Until then I am putting up the hair brush and counting the seconds until my husband comes home. I just hope I still don’t have peanut butter in my hair when he does.


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