Hallelujah, Springtime in East Texas!
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Thank goodness winter is over! We are accustomed to mild winters in these parts, and we are not accustomed to cold, bitter winters with many stretches of sub freezing temperatures.

My cabin is easily heated, but maintaining the perfect temperature inside it is difficult. My feet like it warm and my nose likes it cold. Since hot air rises, it is usually warmer at my nose than at my feet. Consequently, my feet stay too cold and my nose stays too warm. If I could stand on my head all day, that would be great, but I can’t.

With the coming of springtime, all that changes. My whole body appreciates a room that is cooled, not heated. Outside, there’s the pollen, which makes me sneeze, but is a small price to pay for the replenishing of our pines and oaks.

When I drive any of our many two or four lane paved roads, I get the payoff for spring. It brings a spectacle of color along every roadside, with trees in full bloom, backed up by the ever present evergreens. I simply love this time of year!

Rich, lush, green grass is everywhere. Overwhelming their greenery are splashes of color from seasonal flowers. I have been a Texan all my life, and for that reason bluebonnets hold a special place for me. Their beauty is a gift each springtime, and one I never tire of receiving. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. They skirt roadsides for hundreds of miles from East Texas to Central Texas.

My cousins, Mike and Monte, were here to visit this past week. They rode their motorcycles from their homes in West Texas on their annual bluebonnet excursion. Mike’s wife, Debbie, made the trip. We enjoy their visits to our region, home to our branch of the family for six decades.

My drives this spring have taken me to Lufkin, Apple Springs, Beaumont, Huntsville, Livingston, College Station and Austin, already. Each and every farm to market road is a panoply of color and new life. The vegetation is in full bloom, the rivers and lakes are full, and the critters are in abundance.

I always get a kick out of springtime babies, from calves and foals standing beside their cow or horse mother, to the fawns running alongside their deer mother. Baby squirrels have not yet figured out the road, and an occasional roadrunner baby will dart across a dirt or gravel road.

Birds are tending their hatchlings, bringing food to their baby birds. Sure, we have the invasions of the May flies, and it won’t be long until the love bugs make their semi-annual appearance on our vehicles. These two shall pass.

The perfect day is one with cool air and sunshine, a day which needs no heater and no air conditioner, a day which is crisp at dawn and dusk, but pleasantly warm in between. These are the days which remind me of the wonderful life renewals spring in East Texas bring

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