The New Diana Theatre Department Presents Auschwitz Lullaby
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The New Diana Theatre Department Presents

Auschwitz LullabyA Play in One Act (40min)

April 15th at 6:30 pm

Norton Lovell Auditorium

Free of charge


Inspired by actual events recounted in inmate diaries, this play tells the story of Jewish pathologist Dr. Isaac Jonah who, along with his wife and daughter, is interred at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944 where he is assigned to work in the laboratory of Dr. Josef Mengele. Jonah searches for strength when he is asked to help in the escape of Lena, a young girl who has miraculously survived the gassing that killed her entire family. He must weigh the safety of his own family against the life of this innocent girl. The nearly successful attempt leads Jonah to perform the most courageous act of his life as he goes against everything his religion and his medical degree have taught him.


Parental Guidance Suggested for young children.

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Tim Baber
April 10, 2014
I am a Brit who met Mengele while researching his speciality-trauma.I did not realise at the time, he spoke to me, touched my throat even and had a minder but I assumed he was a bit too old to be active. Because the encounter had some odd aspects I looked up the Doctor on Wikipedia but no photo and it said DNA in 1992 confirmed an exhumation in 1985 over a 1979 drowning. So I mentioned his reputed *role in trauma post 1940 and left the subject well alone. *according to my source Fritz Springmeir

But in 2010 or so I saw a late 1977 photo of my man and it was he. My guy was too short. Google "How tall was Mengele?

The rest is written up at

I have gone on to track him possibly to the luxury Villa Almiran which his son started to let out in 2008..consistent with my guess he died after 2002 if that was kosher. His work on and now as NSA Psyops (Will Filer a whistleblower better than me)was so important since it could END war I have had to change my vie about mens rea in Mengele's regard. The Mossad probably became so determined to survive they beat Mengele's employers (The West) who had broken into the old Imperial Conditioning I now have no idea who is really behind unbelievable machinations and a reputed ruthlessness to prevail. Because I stumbled into the story and made sense of it in my 2003 writings I was fierst contained and then when I got hyper vigilant on realising who poked me and for what? I have not stopped since. is perhaps the strangest piece of journalism ever to cross your desk. And it is not over yet.