It's time for 'change that matters'
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Last night I watched “Fox News Reporting: Enemies of the State.” It told how four Americans have been harassed by agencies of OUR GOVERNMENT.

One victim is fellow Texan Catherine Engelbrecht from the Houston area. Our government no longer serves its intended purpose. Our president openly lies to us; Benghazi (perpetrators will be brought to justice) and Obamacare (if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor… period).

We have the most do-nothing, corrupt congress in our nation’s history. The IRS openly defies congress; congress does nothing. Our government is headed by liars and cowards. It’s time for “change that matters” in Washington D C. Our founders made provision to remedy such situations in article five of our constitution; a CONVENTION OF STATES. It allows citizens to circumvent congress to amend the constitution.

Proposed amendments must be approved by ¾ of states. The process for calling such a convention is already underway. Surely it will be considered by our state government when it convenes in 2015. It’s imperative that YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE be aware of and intends to support it. Be a part of ensuring Texas participates. “Remember the Alamo!” For more information: Google “Convention of States.”
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