KC Trustee Larry Woodfin responds to comments
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Recent and inaccurate comments regarding Kilgore College personnel and policies bring me to write this letter to the editor.

I have considerable experience with the inner workings of Kilgore College. In addition, I have considerable experience with the administrative staff and the individuals singled out in the comments.

I was elected to serve as a Kilgore College Trustee in May 1999. I serve the North Zone, specifically the Sabine ISD seat on the board. Also, I have been reelected to serve two additional terms.

I find it frustrating and disappointing that Kilgore College is being presented in anything but the most positive terms.

I know from personal experience, Kilgore College is an outstanding organization doing an outstanding job.

My family has five generations of experiences with Kilgore College. Have you ever had someone falsely accuse a family member? If you have, you understand my frustration.

My service to Kilgore College is one of the highlights of my adult career. I met Bill Holda within three weeks of his arrival in Kilgore. I have known Dr. Holda as a customer of my automotive shop, a trusted friend, plus admired and respected President of Kilgore College. Bill is a treasured friend, and good man doing an outstanding job.

The negative comments are not only directed at Dr Holda; they are also directed at Board President Charlie Hale and Internal Auditor Dan Beach. Anyone in the community who has worked with either Dan or Charlie knows that they are gentlemen of the highest character and integrity. Someone who has a problem with those two gentlemen likely holds a perspective not held by the majority of the public. 

When the subject of Kilgore College comes up in conversation I am a tireless cheerleader.  This is easy for me because I recognize the value of Kilgore College.

When I am speaking of my beloved Kilgore College, I plan to do so respectfully; our record shows we have earned it.  I hope you will agree and join me in supporting our college.


Larry Woodfin

Kilgore College Board Trustee

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