The Rich Have More to Lose
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I don’t have affluenza, do you? Sounds like the flu but sadly it isn’t. Affluenza was the term given to a teen who killed four people during a drunk driving escapade. His defense used the Affluenza defense stating, his parents coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility. In other words, he was too rich to know better. His sentence was 10 years’ probation and ordered to enter a rehabilitation facility paid for by his parents. Prosecutors asked for the teen to serve 20 years on related charges. This happened in Fort Worth, Texas.


I wish I was making this up but I am not. The reason this stood out to me is because of Paris Hilton. Anyone remember when they released her from jail because she was having panic attacks because she was in jail? Being in jail I am sure is hard for anyone whether you are rich, famous or common. I understand. I would hate to have to share a cell with other people and use the bathroom in a common area. I get it. It sucks; however, most of the time you are in jail because you deserve to be.


So let’s get this straight. If you are rich and coddled you don’t have the same level of responsibility because you are don’t have a sense of irresponsibility? This should anger everyone who is a responsible citizen, not just the unrich like me.


Think back to famous people who have committed crimes. If you are an everyday common person, having pending charges can really mess up your life. Most famous people seem to get off easier. Remember when super model, Naomi Campbell plead guilty of misdemeanor assault for throwing a cell phone at her maid’s head. Campbell was allowed to plead it down to a misdemeanor. The original charge was a felony.


The supermodel had to serve five days of community service. She then served her community service draped in fur and once a sequined Dolce & Gabbana evening gown and high heels. To me, that is being disrespectful and throwing it the public’s face that she only had to do community service.


I was shocked when singer Chris Brown was only sentenced to probation and community service for his attack of his girlfriend Rihanna.


To me there is just something off about the justice system and the rich and famous. I used to think it was because they had more money and could afford a better legal defense. I just don’t think that is it. What about you?


Can you imagine your child being killed along with four others and the person responsible only getting probation? Now imagine if it was your child that was responsible for the four deaths? Do you think your child would get probation because he was too rich to know better or because you never taught him right from wrong?


No one likes to think about their loved one’s being responsible for other’s death. I know first hand of loved ones who have caused deaths of others. It is hard.


My cousin is in jail right now being accused of killing his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s daughter. Words can not describe how much this hurts me and my family. If my cousin is guilty of causing these deaths I think he should be held responsible for his crimes. If he is guilty, I think he deserves the same punishment I would want for someone who killed my loved ones.


All children rich, poor, or middle class need to be taught right from wrong. All people need to realized if you commit a crime, you will be held responsible. It seems like the rich have more to lose; posh living, carefree lives. You would think they would be more careful not to lose that by going to jail. Instead it seems like many of the rich and famous could care less about what they have to lose and think they deserve special treatment. I don’t.


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