Conservative Activists are gathering to keep Texas Red!
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March 15, 2014 appears to be ground zero for a major conservative political event happening in South Central Texas. The small town of Martindale, Texas home of the Cool River Ranch will play host to not just Republicans, but Tea Party, Second Amendment, Anti-Common Core, 912, Right to Life and many more politically conservative groups. 

The event named Patriots Rally for Freedom, co-Founded by Linda Buckmaster and Kate Beecham, is a call for Americans to leave their “party hats” and labels at the gate and unite for America. 

When Buckmaster was asked "what is the purpose of this event"? She was quick to answer; As Goes Texas-So Goes America. The facts are these: 50% of America is on government assistance because of a crumbling economy and overwhelming debt. Our military is being gutted for partisan politics. We have an out of control administration that is subverting congress at every turn, and the list goes on. Buckmaster then expanded with; Texas currently has 38 Electoral Votes for the Presidential election. With the state’s three largest cities now being run by Democrats, Texas is now at a tipping point politically. We are hosting this event to rally the conservative base, unite the RIGHT in order to win as many House and U.S. Senate seats as we can, and retain the conservative governorship of Texas. 

Buckmaster was then asked; what sort of event is this? The event is more along the lines of a festival than your typical Tea Party or protest movement. We have several high profile leaders speaking such as Ken Crow (Co-Founder of Tea Party, Wayne Dupree (News and Derrick Wilburn (, as well as experts on issues affecting everyone, such as the economy, national security, healthcare, and education. We are also excited to welcome major political candidates. Elaine Hays from Amarillo (Texas Congressional Candidate), Dwayne Stovall (U.S.Senate Candidate from Texas), Katrina Pierson (Texas Congressional Candidate and Tea Party Leader) from Dallas, Texas, Rodney Conover (Congressional Candidate from California,) and Jason Ravnsborg (U. S. Senate Candidate from South Dakota) will be speaking. Both activists and candidates from Texas and across America are attending this event in order to keep Texas RED, she said. 

Buckmaster concluded with; entertainment will be a key highlight of the event. American Idol contestant and recording artist "Krista Branch" is performing and holding a concert along with a great patriotic band named "Project Hayseed" will also be entertaining throughout the day. The event is free to the public and gates will open at 9:00 am. There is a $10 parking fee, barbecue and snacks will be available for purchase, and we encourage everyone to bring their lawn chairs and sunscreen. 

Location; Cool River Ranch (

Time; Event begins at 10:00 AM and will conclude with keynote speakers and a brief concert.

Patriots Rally for Freedom (

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February 28, 2014
Texas not only needs to do that.. But they had better worry about the following:

Closing the damn border

Rounding up all illegals and send them back or use them for labor on building the fence,,,

Stop the queers from taking over public tv.. with their bullshit antics,,,

Get rid of common core out of the schools..

Reid the boy scouts and girl scouts of all Queer influences....

Remember, what made this country great... it damn sure was not government, big oil.. or big business..

It was the sweat, hard working middle class American,,, and the belief in the Lord, and The right to defend ones self, family and property,,

And remember who and how you got to where you are!