Buy Her a Present for Pushing
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I definitely deserve a push present. I don’t know who coined the term “push present” but I am glad they did. For those who don’t know what a push present is, it’s a gift a father gives to the mother of his child for giving birth to his child. Every women deserves a push present.

It might sound a little petty and commercial but I think the idea of a present is more than valid. For those who have followed me, I am against commercial gift giving. The tradition of giving gifts to commemorate a birth has long roots in England and India.  My husband has been probing me about what he is supposed to get as a gift. I haven’t given him an answer yet.

“Like exactly what kind of gift am I supposed to get,” he asked with that I am a just a man look on his face.

I think it is almost impossible for men to understand what it is like to be pregnant and then deliver a child in this world. Morning sickness is probably the most well known horrible symptom for pregnant women.  However, the list goes on and on. I think the other symptoms may be too embarrassing for women to talk about. Well ladies, I am about to give men a crash course in what some of our worst symptoms are.

Excess gas. Women spend most of their lives trying to avoid gas. We will run out of rooms, avoid certain foods, and lie if necessary to avoid being blamed for gas. When you are pregnant, there is not much you can do. Pregnant women get excess gas for medical reasons but it sucks.

Skin issues. I’m not just talking about stretch marks. I’m talking about dry, itchy, hairy, and bumpy skin. From head to toe, our skin goes through dramatic changes. The pregnancy glow, is a lie. It is either oily skin, sweaty skin, or just something people say to make pregnant women feel better.

Bathroom complications. Everything from incontinence to hemorrhoids. Pregnant women have to deal with it. Not only are we running to the bathroom every thirty minutes, sometimes we have no control over what happens once we get to the bathroom, if we make it on time.

The list of symptoms goes on but that is not the only reason, pregnant women deserve a push present. Psychologically pregnant women have to go through it all. I still don’t know if it is me being over sensitive or if people are just insensitive jerks. I can not stand it when people ask me if I am sure it’s not twins. I usually just give my fake laugh and say no and rub my belly. Inside, I am crushed.

You would think people would be nice to pregnant women. Nope. The public as a whole find it as an opportunity to poke fun at you. Whether it be about her weight, her pregnancy waddle, or how she looks like she is going to pop at any moment, it sucks to be pregnant.

Labor alone is enough to get a gift. I pushed the last time for over six hours. That alone should get me a pretty good gift.

My wonderful Aunt Toni sent me a bottle of perfume after the birth of my first child. It was so thoughtful. In the chaos of having a child, it is really hard for a mother to think about herself. My aunt’s gift reminded me to take a little time for myself. Even if it was a few seconds to spray a little perfume. I looked forward to those few seconds every day.

If you are about to be a father or have a loved one that is about to be a mother, a little gift for the mother is a great idea. It doesn’t have to be diamonds, it just has to be something that makes a mother feel special for all her hard work.

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