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Having a pre-existing medical condition myself, I decided I would explore all options pertaining to health care insurance coverage and costs.    Currently, I have no health insurance.  This is largely due to the fact that many years ago, I had a serious health incident which necessitated several surgeries and forced me to be an inpatient at a hospital for durations of one-week intervals with two-weeks discharged, then back in the hospital for treatment by teams Medical Doctors, surgeons and specialists, for the better part of a year.  In many ways, I am lucky to be alive.  Yet, my once touted "good" insurance-policy was maxed out, after that catastrophic illness.
Approximately two months ago, I started checking private insurance companies and I heard that the so-called ObamaCare website was experiencing technical glitches at the time. So, I telephoned the phone hotline and requested application forms be sent to me via postal mail.  The government touts "federal exchanges" and "state exchanges" and makes loads of promises that people who fall through the cracks will be covered with medical insurance by someone.  'Access' to health-insurance is one hurdle. Having affordable health-care insurance is an entirely separate hurdle.
It has been over two months and I haven't received any kind of response regarding whether ObamaCare has competitive plans for me or even has a plan or plans that I qualify-for.   I hear news reports that ObamaCare "enrollments" are up.  I want to believe in my fellow man, but with all the snags and missteps pertaining to the hasty Congressional vote, and the awkward roll-out of the application-process: I can't help but ask myself --- "Are ObamaCare enrollments 'Fact' or 'Embellished' numbers?   I am also wondering if their definition of 'enrollment' is so broad, that it may mean that I may be on their 'mailing-list', but I may be not covered?  Having heard nothing from them, I highly suspect the latter is true.    If so, some type of accountability needs to be done at the Department of Health and Human Services.   If this is more 'hype' than 'hope', it has done the citizens of this great nation a grave disservice. 

Today, I "early voted" in the Texas primary election.  One measure called for the Repeal of ObamaCare in Texas.  While this may be a toothless tiger of a ballot-question.  I voted to repeal it.   I wish the lawmakers would repeal it, replace it, and restore confidence in our overall Health Care System that would let doctors, nurses, lab technicians and especially patients (consumers) know exactly where they stand.   Everyone at the table deserves a fair shake and not jiggered numbers nor false advertising.  Health of our citizens (including myself) , is one subject I don't joke-around with.
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