Do you mind being watched?
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Ever feel like someone is watching you? They are. When my credit card was recently stolen I was amazed at all the video surveillance that Wal Mart has. A lot of people don’t like being watched. I am on the fence. Actually I am an opportunist. When it helps me, I’m all for it. It hasn’t hurt me yet, so I don’t see the harm.


If the government ever decides to monitor my phone calls, they will be quite bored I am sure. However, if they have kids, they may jot down my baby food recipes or get a kick out me and my husband’s banter. Seriously, I don’t know how the government snooping, can hurt innocent people. I know there is a fine line of protecting our rights. I don’t want to live in a society where the government regulates our social activities.


I often wonder about my Google email account. I have very important pictures stored and saved there. While I am sure snoopers don’t care about my thousands of pictures of my son, but I am sure people save sensitive information in their email.


I know there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I just don’t know where that line should be. I don’t know what the government is looking for but I have trust in them. I trust that whatever they are trying to get by snooping, is to protect our country. If you have nothing to hide or guilty of, why should we care? I realize I am sometimes naive but surely the only reason they are doing it, is to protect us.


We give up our personal information everyday by choice. When you are at Wal Mart, they are watching you. You know those little reward cards we use at grocery stores, they are tracking your spending habits. There are some stores that even track your cell phone signal when you are in their store to track how shoppers move. A lot of applications on your computer and your smart phone access your address book and other information. Who actually reads all the terms and conditions, before downloading that game on your phone? Not me.


The last time I was at the airport, I got searched pretty well. It was inconvenient, as I had my infant son with me. It was uncomfortable. I mean I don’t even like taking my shoes off and I ended up having someone lift up my bra. However, the entire time I was thinking I hope this process does catch the next terrorist who decides to try to sneak a weapon in their bra, shoes, or other private places.


I am sure there is video out there somewhere of me picking my nose, picking my underwear, or something else that is embarrassing. I don’t care if that same surveillance camera is catching criminals in the act. Remember the video of the Tyler Walmart where it caught a woman being abducted? What about the video and pictures from the Boston Marathon Bombings. Would you care if the government snooped into your picture album, in order to catch them?


I know there are a lot of people who are on the other side of the fence when it comes to government surveillance. I just don’t understand how if you have nothing to hide, why does it bother you. Aren’t there safeguards in place, so they can use innocent people information in a harmful way?


Get with me and tell me the other side, help me understand why the government snooping to protect us is a bad idea.


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