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NEW JERSEY, JANUARY, 2014 — Ever since John Falco started checking his bills a few years ago, he noticed his cable television bill was extremely high. When he looked at the cable bill closely he noticed that on top of the charge for cable, there were hidden fees that the cable companies do not tell you in their promotions. Mr. Falco noticed a monthly charge by the cable company for the rental of the cable box and remote control in addition to the hefty taxes being added.  With an average cable bill of over $2,000 per year, Mr. Falco felt the need to look for other options.  Mr. Falco asked himself why he needs over 1,000 channels when he only watches five to ten channels.  Mr. Falco ditched his cable company and uses an indoor digital antenna that gets over 50 channels and in high definition quality.  He gets all the top rated broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, FOX, CW & CBS) free without having to pay any more monthly bills.  According to Nielsen ratings, the top ten nationwide broadcast television shows are shown over five or six networks. Mr. Falco wants to share this device with as many people as possible because the cost of cable television is rising, people watch non-broadcast networks on their computers / smart phones and people should be aware that there are better cost effective options then spending over $2,000 per year on 1,000 cable television channels.
Today, that website is the new, an online resource devoted to promoting the benefits of over-the-air (“OTA”) digital antennas.  At, online shoppers can find our indoor digital antenna and also the ability to type in your zip code to see if you are able to receive free “OTA” digital broadcast television in your area.  Like any antenna, it is better to be closer to a major city to receive the best reception and quality. We feel the best location to use the antenna is to be within a 25 mile radius of a major city broadcast antenna.
“If you frequently watch the major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, FOX, CW & CBS) and you are tired of paying over $200 per month for 1,000 cable channels you do not need then this device is for you,” says Mr. Falco, who founded “This indoor digital antenna will allow you to watch live broadcast networks and that includes all “OTA” sporting events and the top rated broadcast television shows. In addition, you will receive other channels that most cable operators will not provide due to contract negotiations.  The cable companies charge way too much money to networks and then pass that fee on to the consumer. Very few people are home long enough each day to justify having 1,000 channels and when they sit down to watch television it is usually the same five or six channels that people rely on for news, weather and sports. When Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy came to the east coast and most cable operators went down, I had no problem watching television with this device. To watch your favorite programs that are not broadcast “OTA”, you can complement your digital antenna with any type of digital media devices that allow you to watch non-broadcast programs over the internet.”
Founded in July 2013, sees the future of television will be an ongoing battle between cable companies / smart phones and “OTA” television. The U.S. Government passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that opened up the broadcast digital television spectrum that allows indoor digital antennas to receive digital or high definition television in your home for free. The trend to do away with cable or satellite television is happening right now and Simple Antenna will be there for the transformation. The website is designed to allow potential customers the ability to view what television stations you can receive with our indoor digital antenna by typing in your zip code. The idea is to make life simpler, more convenient and, therefore, more cost effective for people, according to Mr. Falco.
For more information, visit:
Founded in July 2013, is the ultimate online resource for cost effective people that are looking to cut their cable or satellite provider without compromising the television programs they enjoy watching.  The indoor digital antenna they provide offers a simple setup to your existing digital television.
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