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In a recent front page article that depicted unnamed persons, circumstances, events and labels of dishonesty, incompetence and outright dereliction of duties, Ronnica Ridgeway , at a fund raiser, put a great deal of emphasis on the word transparency as the hallmark of her campaign, while deliberately refusing to be specific about most all of the aforementioned.

Misleading accusations, without stating supporting facts or the persons involved, are not only jeopardizing the reputation of those unnamed, but also that of the one who paints themselves as being something they are not.

Words such as “Some, These, Nobody, We, They’re, Elected, Things, Several”, without names and facts are what has kept Upshur County in such a negative light for several administrations.

Portraying County employees as inept in their daily work routines is disingenuous at best. By worrying about “what’s not in the newspaper” as she stated, is an attempt to paint certain unnamed individuals as corrupt.

Attempting to destroy the hard work that has been done repairing the County’s financials, by insinuating dishonesty in making such remarks, she is stirring the pot that has caused major negative impressions of the County and its employees and elected officials in the past.

I am personally offended that, by association, I have been included in many of her unsubstantiated remarks. In my opinion, the present Commissioners Court has and will continue to be one, if not the most, transparent court Upshur County has had for some time. I will endeavor to continue the present trend as long as I am allowed to serve.

One of Webster’s dictionary definitions of transparency is, “free from pretense or deceit”. Frank Berka is Commissioner of Upshur County Pct. 3.
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