Ranks Over 4,000 North American Cities 2013 Gas Averages
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DECEMBER 12, 2013 – A recent study by of over 4,000 cities with five stations or more in Canada and eight stations or more in the United States showed that location indeed does matter when it comes to motor fuel pricing.  Individual towns, cities and hamlets saw annual price averages that ranged from less than $3.25 gal to over $4.50 gal. On some individual days, gasoline averages within the broad geography of North America varied by as much as $2 gal.


The distinction of the cheapest town in the United States currently belongs to Duncan, South Carolina, where so far in 2013 the gas price has averaged $3.148 gal. Eight other communities in South Carolina made the GasBuddy ten least expensive towns’ list, in effect passing southern hospitality along to motorists. One had to travel almost across the country to find a town within another state that cracked the top ten. The city of Casper, Wyoming made the list with an average price of $3.165 gal, the lowest price west of the Mississippi.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, one small city in the Mojave Desert topped the ranking of over 3,800 towns. At $4.737 gal, Needles, California beat out the island town of Lihue, Hawaii for the top spot as most expensive city by 22cts gal. Neighbors to the north in Canada would barely blink an eye at that expense; 95% of Canadian cities averaged over $4.00 gal, while only 49 towns in the U.S. had averages over that threshold.


In fact, a person could travel through 3,607 metropolises in the United States and find cheaper gas than the cheapest town in Canada. Vegreville, Alberta boasts the least expensive annual average of Canada but at $3.866 gal, it would be among the highest 6% of municipalities if it was located in the US.


Across the US, the annual averages were down from last year, with only four localities reporting an average higher than 2012, and those towns all bested last year by a penny or less.  They are:


1.      Jackson, Wyoming

2.      Steamboat Springs, Colorado

3.      Ketchikan, Alaska

4.      Meridian, Idaho.


Comparatively, Canadian residents of nearly 250 out of 350 cities had to dig deeper into their pockets this year, as the annual averages increased by up to 19cts from last year.


The West Coast water-view town of Coos Bay, Oregon had the largest annual decrease from last year’s average, dropping 28cts gal to $3.614 gal. Among the 107 towns in Canada that saw a decrease from 2012, Nipigon, Ontario saw the most relief, averaging 13cts lower than the $4.647 gal average last year.


Other differences between the towns of the United States and those of Canada are seen within the day-to-day prices. The start of 2013 saw the lowest prices among both countries. Stony Plain, Alberta had the lowest average of the year on January 19, 2013 at $3.163 gal. The next day just 1,200 miles to the southeast, Laramie, Wyoming reported the lowest price of the United States for 2013 at just $2.47 gal.


A little over two months later on March 25, 2013, the highest average of the year in the United States was reported in Needles, California at $4.952 gal. During the height of the summer on July 16, 2013 in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada boasted its highest average of the year at $5.44 gal.


The wildest variations in gas prices occurred in the Midwestern U.S. The most volatile town in the country was Champlin, Minnesota an otherwise quiet suburb of Minneapolis. The average price there swung by $1.55 gal from a January 9 low to a May 17 high. Other towns across the Great Plains and Great Lakes tended to see similarly huge seasonal swings.


The quietest, or perhaps most consistent fuel price, occurred in Middletown, Rhode Island. That New England town spanned a distance of only 33cts gal from a May 4 low point to a July 23 peak.


For the full United States and Canadian rankings, click on the following link to download the Excel file:


For more information or questions regarding the data, please contact Tom Kloza at or 732-730-2558.


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