Do You Enjoy Commercials?
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I HAVE a love-hate relationship with commercials. I guess I shouldn’t say that considering I have a degree in communications. In college, I used to love working on marketing campaigns. Recently I have become annoyed with different aspects of commercials.

I really enjoy some funny commercials. The commercials I don’t enjoy are the ones with a lot of small print. I have a TV over 50 inches and I still find it almost impossible to read the small print.

Small print has a bad reputation for a reason. There is one commercial that says all types are only $10, then in small print it lists all the items that are excluded. I don’t think it is fair to the consumer. I feel like I am being tricked. Some people could easily be deceived because they couldn’t read the small print.

I also have a problem with commercials that talk about medical lawsuits. I actually don’t have a problem with the actual commercial or what they are attempting to do. I just get worried each time I take medicine or give medicine to my loved ones. The lawsuits commercials always pop in my mind, each and every time. I just say a little prayer that the medicine does no harm.

Another reason I despise commercials is because they work. I can be happy at home until I see a commercial about crab legs. I go weeks thinking about crab legs. I am not looking forward to my son begging me for a certain toy because of commercials. If my son is anything like me, he won’t be happy until he gets it.

Infomercials are in a whole different category. I love watching those. I am amazed at how great these products are. Every once and a while I will actually buy something I see. Most of the time the product never works as great as it did on the infomercial. Most of the time I never needed the product in the first place.

I did buy a saw once from an infomercial. It worked great. It worked as good as it did on television. I always said I was going to do a review on it and put it on the Internet, but I still haven’t. I only used the saw once. I didn’t really need a $150 saw to cut down one little tree. Next time I have the need to use the saw, I plan to do a review. If there is a next time.

However, if you are interested in buying something from television, I have some advice.

Before you grab your credit card, take a minute to search the product on the Internet. There are usually dozens of reviews and videos from real people about every product out there. Secondly, read the fine print. It is there for a reason. Also, a lot of products do have return policies but you must follow their rules. If you only have 30 days to return a product, make sure you keep track of the dates. Most people don’t.

Some products will give you a second item for free if you pay the shipping and handling. If you aren’t going to use both of the products, decline the second product. Also, you can find a lot of the as-seen-on-TV products in the store. Usually you can get just one of the items for half the price.

Next time you see a great commercial, remember just because the commercial was great doesn’t mean the product is. Even if the product is great doesn’t mean you need it.

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