Lost Opportunities
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Lost Opportunities

Pastor Steve Ellison


John chapter four tells us that about two thousand years ago, a loving Savior took the time to reveal Himself to a despised and rejected woman. As a matter of fact, Jesus revealed Himself to this woman two times. She did not understand or believe the first time.  It was only after Jesus revealed her to herself that she understood and believed His claims about Himself.  Coming to Christ involves both.  We will never see Christ as He is until we see ourselves as we are.  As soon as this woman believed she immediately began to do what all believers should do.  She began to spread the good news. She immediately left her old life behind, went to where she could find the most people and began to freely share the free gift she had received.  She shared this best of all news with those who mocked and despised her.


John chapter four also provides a sad commentary on you and me.  At the same time this woman was rushing into town to share the good news, the disciples of Jesus returned from town.  Those who had been walking with the Savior, eating with the Savior, spending their nights with the Savior, and learning at the Savior’s feet returned from the same town the woman went to.  The disciples returned alone but the woman did not.  She led a troop of men to Christ.  Many in that town believed in Christ because of this woman’s testimony.  Others came to hear Christ because of the change in her and they believed in Christ because of His testimony about Himself.  Surely the disciples knew more about Christ than this woman at the well did.  Surely the disciples knew more Scripture than this woman.  Surely the disciples were more respected than this outcast woman.  All this woman knew was that she had exchanged an empty water pot for Living Water; she had exchanged death for life; she had exchanged guilt for forgiveness and that was enough to light her evangelistic fire.


Let’s get personal.  What about you and me?  Have we had the experience this woman had? If not, you better ask for this Living Water.  If we have met the Christ, then what is the problem?  What causes our lack of gratitude?  Did we meet Christ so long ago that we have forgotten the feeling of coming face to face with our unbearable guilt?  Have we forgotten that first taste of Living Water?  Jesus said something interesting to His unfruitful and disobedient disciples when they got back from town. John 4:38, “I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored and you have entered into their labor.” NASU  We often miss this mild but clear rebuke from Jesus.  He plainly tells His disciples that He sent them into town to reap a harvest of souls but they did not.  The disciples thought they had gone into town only to buy food. This trip to town to purchase necessities was clearly an opportunity given by Christ so that they could have the privilege of sharing the good news.  They should have built on the knowledge that the Samaritans had already received from the patriarchs and the prophets but they forfeited the opportunity.  That opportunity was passed on to the woman at the well. The disciples did receive a different opportunity.  They were given the chance to rejoice at the success of the woman’s efforts.  The Bible is silent about their response except for noting that they tried to get Jesus to eat when the townspeople were coming to see Him. May God protect us from all lost opportunities and all jealousy. ..……..…..pastorsteve8800@gmail.com
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