President Obama has repeatedly talked about transforming America
If you are middle aged or older he is changing the rules on you...
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President Obama has repeatedly talked about transforming America. If you are middle aged or older he is changing the rules on you...

by Mark Vogl


Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Many people of my generation learned to drive on a stick - shift car. Ain't too many of those around now, but in earlier times they were pretty common. When you learned to drive, you learned about the clutch pedal on the floor, and how you had to depress that pedal to release the gears so that you could shift from one gear to another. After you moved the stick from first to second gear, you then released the clutch and engaged the gear. For most of those just learning the loud grinding of the gears was a common sound. And, though most people may not have known it, that loud sound you heard was metal on metal with pieces of gear possibly flying off. A lot of friction, heat was caused if the shift wasn't done just right.
Well we are seeing a national shifting of the gears with President Obama. His transformation is shifting America from a working - saving nation based on a private economy, to a welfare state based on socialism. And he has the downhill advantage of a nation addicted to credit cards, both personally and at the government level. Americans got spoiled and it happened in the last fifty years.
Credit cards did not exist when I was born. Nope, if you wanted something you had to work and save. You had a savings account and you put money in it. And when you had enough, you took the money out and purchased what you wanted. But then came credit cards. Hell, you didn't even need money to buy something, you just needed one of these cards. If you saw something you liked, you walked up to the cashier with the item, handed them a card, and low and behold it was yours.
But then, sometime later in the month a bill arrived for all the items you used to purchase somehting. Most of the time you didn't have the money to pay it off, so you paid a portion plus interest. And the interest was and is high. So the longer you keep the bill open the more it rises as the high interest rates were applied. Well some folks thought they were smarter than the average bear, and they got a second credit card to borrow money to pay the first, then a third to the pay the second etc.
That's where America is now. We keep running up credit on all the government goodies, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, federal monies for local education, foreign aid to nations all over the world, contracts for large vendors, and bailout bills. The list is endless, 40 cents on every dollar spent by the government borrowed! Do you do that? Is 40% of the money you spend in a month borrowed on a credit card? How long could you do that?
Did this start with President Obama? No, of course not. But it has accelerated during his administration. The national debt has more than doubled since he came in office! It's only been five years but we owe 17 trillion dollars!
Now the smart people, the people who went to Harvard and Yale, the ones who got us 17 trillion in debt have used the printing of money, 85 billion per month to provide a financing source for our debt. That's a trillion a year. And what happens is, since this money reflects nothing, is based on nothing, it simply adds new dollars to the til, and inflates everything food, electricity, more and more government, etc. It's this kind of thinking that occurred in Richmond at the end of the Civil War when women would use wheel barrels to carry enough money to buy a loaf of bread. This is where we are headed. And don't forget we owe China for the dollars they have provided.
So if you saved, if you put money in accounts for your retirement, that money is declining in value every day. And since interest rates are so low, the only way you can hope to keep up with inflation is to bet your money in the market. Doesn't that make you feel better?
This is what Ted Cruz was fighting about. This is why he filibustered. The rest of your representatives, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, aren't dealing with these issues. All they want to do is make sure they are subsidized for Obama Care!
And because only one fifth of all Americans are working, we simply aren't producing enough wealth to grow our economy. Many people are spending borrowed money to sustain their own borrowing or loan payments.
While some talk about the recession ending two years ago, the fact is we never escaped the recession. The economists have shifted the formulas enough to make the numbers appear like we left the recession, but in reality we are stuck in between gears going nowhere.
The American people seem to have decided that they prefer socialism to capitalism. Doing that condemns the United States to the fate of the Soviet collapsed and no longer exists.
Socialism does not create wealth, it consumes it. Socialism does not create prosperity, it avoids risks and rewards and everyone just sits downs and waits. That is precisely what has happened in America. For those who spent their entire lives working and saving, you are watching your savings evaporate through inflation, taxation and policies which deter investment and profit. For those of you too young to have been in the workforce long, you carry tens of thousands in college loan debt and watch what you earn go myriad taxes and government programs, the remainder quickly gone through inflated prices for goods.
There is a solution to all this, but more government, more "security" ain't it. America has stored up a lot of economic potential in terms of unused labor, the world's largest cache of fossil fuel energy resources and pent up consumerism in the form of younger generations staying at home. America could reverse its present course, but not under the redistribution of wealth plan of the socialists and President Obama. Wealth does not get redistributed, it gets consumed and like fire wood is gone.
So it's time for the different generations in America to awaken to the threat they have brought on themselves. Government is not a god, it can't create out of thin air anything but useless dollars; dollars that have no backing and devalue the dollar in your pocket. And globalism is not the answer. Cheap goods produced in slave labor nations does nothing but put Americans out of work. Economics is a national discipline and Americans need to reassert their sovereignty through economics! Close the borders, not just to illegals and illegal drugs, but to foreign made goods and oil. It's time for America to reclaim her marketplace and reinvigorate its national economy.
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November 09, 2013

nothing about the 15,000,000 illegal aliens and their anchor babies that are in fact entitled to welfare ,food stamps and health care ...the parents can file for their kids and do by the millions

tax breaks for illegals the hind tit for American taxpayers ......
Steven McGarvey
October 31, 2013
He does not seem to know, that there are thousands upon thousands of citizens wanting to leave this country they LOVE. He has lost the sight that our people want to be represented and heard. This is a government of the People, by the People, and for he People, and all three, the Judicial, the House & Senate, and he President have completely forgotten this trust. They have all failed us as citizens of this country. I am ashamed as a citizen, and I think I want out of here.