'Is this a want or a need?'
'No' vote urged on bond proposals
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As the GISD bond election draws near, I hear supporters of the propositions beating the mantra, “We owe it to the children…” or “Our children deserve it…” Well, I’m writing to say that I believe our children deserve more than this. Our children deserve a community of adults who will stand up and say “No”.

A community willing to say no to propositions that raise our school taxes by 21percent...willing to say no to a crippling debt of $36.2 million…and willing to say no to a 30-yr. debt that these children will be paying for in the future.

Here are some things you may want to consider when deciding how you are going to vote:

• According to the Texas Comptroller’s Office, the average new Texas high school costs $181/square foot. In Proposition 1, we are being asked to pay over $250/square foot for a new high school. Why so much? Couldn’t a perfectly good, functional school be built for much less than the proposed $30.6 million?

• Proposition 2, in part, deals with adding parking at the elementary school. From the first day the elementary opened, parking has been an issue. There was money left over from the construction of the elementary school. Why wasn’t this money used to alleviate the parking problem 10 years ago? Oh, yeah, it was used to build the field house.

(My proposed solution for elementary parking: mow the fields beside the school and paint lines on the grass. Problem solved.)

• Proposition 3 is for a new “multi-purpose facility.” Let’s just call it what it is…an indoor practice field. Is this a necessity? You be the judge.

We all want our children to have an opportunity for a great education, and they have this opportunity at GISD right now.

With the economy as unstable as it is, this is not the time for this bond. Can you and your family afford a 21 percent school tax increase? Can your neighbor?

Everyone at some point must ask themselves, “Is this a want or a need?” I urge each of us to stand up, vote “No”, and demand the school board ask itself the same question.
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Not a fan
November 07, 2013
It is disappointing that the Mirror and other news outlets didn't disclose that Ms. Degala is a homeschooler. She certainly didn't disclose this herself. Personal agendas abound in this situation. The most vocal of these opponents can all easily afford to pay the increased tax rate.

How embarrassing that once again, the people of Gilmer are so easily swayed using fear tactics and not facts. The $250/sq ft was a major error and should have been retracted. Shame on the De Galas and shame on voters who denied this to the community out of stinginess, fear, and spite.
Very concerned
November 04, 2013
My taxes are already to high. Higher than when i lived in springhill. If this passes i will leave Upshur County. If there was work to bring industry into this town maybe all the children wouldnt leave. This makes no sense. Vote NO.
Language Arts
November 06, 2013
Spring Hill is two words and should be capitalized. The Pronoun I is always capitalized. Wouldn't has an apostrophe. An education is very important.
concerned taxpayer
October 31, 2013
Agree!!!! What about tearing down the old elemenary school?? What about certified teachers as required by law in academic courses? Why not raising teacher salary? The Board believes the voters are stupid and do not know an indoor practice field when they see it!! Quit comparing us to 4A school with high revenue because Mr. Albritton drives that way to see his Frisco ISD librarian daughter. Compare us to our district!
Grow up
November 06, 2013
It's not polite or professional to make a point by bringing someone’s family into the debate. Your questions above show how uneducated you really are on the bond process, the school district, frankly how you have no grasp of reality, and how you lack the drive to be progressive. I have a young child and I would like for that child to have nice facilities to be able to learn and be successful.