There are Thieves Among Us
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I have been robbed. I have no clue how it happened, but it did. This isn’t the first time I have been stolen from and I am sure it won’t be the last. I hate it. It is almost impossible to have a good day after someone steals from you. No matter what it is that is stolen. Once, I left my window down and someone actually took a book I had laying in the front seat. A beat up used book that had to be over three years old.

In college I had a white mustang. I loved it so much. For whatever reason, thieves seemed to love the tail lights of the mustang. I would come out from work, school, or from my house and one or both of the tail lights would be missing. I would then spend hours calling and searching junk yards for replacements.

I think the reason I hate thieves so much is my cousin would steal from my family all the time when I was younger. My parents treated him like a son and he would repay us by stealing. It hurt my dad so much. I didn’t know why my dad never gave up on him, but he never did. He was always welcomed in our home. You would think we would have learned to lock things up when he came over but we didn’t.

Later on in life my father told me why he never gave up on my cousin. He said because he loved him and he felt like he had failed him. I never understood why my father took so much responsibility for him. My parents did not raise him.

Now that I am an aunt, I understand. Even though I didn’t raise my niece, I feel like I need to set a good example for her. I feel like it is my duty to help influence her life in a positive way. I give her advice almost each time I see her. I do this because I love her.

This past week, I went to the store and my credit card was declined. I was immediately embarrassed. I went home and called to find out what was going on. Turns out the day before, someone charged over $1,600 at three different stores, in three different cities. I still don’t understand how they did it. I still have my credit card in my possession. I hope the police department figures it out.

I guess I have a lot of experience of people stealing from me. I always mourn the loss. I also try not to get mad because I learned it doesn’t help. I secretly also think by getting mad you are giving the thieves more satisfaction. I could just imagine the robbers sitting around a fire, laughing at the thought of me getting mad when I discovered my tail lights were missing. I also learned most of the time you will never find out who the thief was so there is no reason to waste a lot of time thinking about it.

There are plenty of tips and precautions one can take to avoid becoming a victim. I might read up on those later. I rather spend my time being a good influence to my loved ones.

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