Back-to-Back Back Crackin'
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When I was in my early thirties I had tried a variety of approaches to increasingly annoying back pains. Sitting in an office chair most of the day was taking its toll on my lower back. I saw a range of doctors, got shots to help, did exercises to help, and changed mattresses. Eventually, I ended up on a chiropractor's table and found some relief in adjustments for problems in my spine.

Over the years since, I have seen several chiropractors, and several of them greatly helped me. Most recently, my son discovered a young chiropractor in Beaumont, where my son lives and teaches at Lamar University. My son raved about this chiropractor, so I decided to give him a try on my next visit to see my son and his family. The good review was well deserved.

Since then I have arranged to see the young chiropractor when I drive to Beaumont to visit my son and his family once a month. This guy is good. His name is Will Fults, and he's from the Beaumont area originally. After he graduated from chiropractic college he went to work in Austin, working in that region with established chiropractors. About a year ago, he left Austin, returned to his home area, and set up shop for himself. He got married, and now he and his wife have a baby girl.

I judge a chiropractor solely by how well he or she adjusts joints in the back. I have a couple of places which give me problems, and a good chiropractic adjustment does me wonders. The relief is felt instantly upon the adjustment. For me, it requires a chiropractor who really knows how to position the patient's body, how to make the particular joint move without pain, and has the strength to handle my two hundred pound body. Dr. Fults does that better than any of the chiropractors I have used, and I've used some good ones.

His genial manner and East Texas demeanor make his visits enjoyable. His policy of allowing walk in traffic works great for me, since I come from out of town, and sometimes do not make such a visitation plan until a day or two before they occur.

Last weekend I took one of my trips to Beaumont to visit the grandbaby and her parents. Like most two year olds, she takes a nap around midday. That meant my son and I had the time and opportunity to both go see Will Fults for a Saturday back adjustment. We both went in, got adjusted, and walked out taller, better men. That was our back-to-back back crackin'!

Getting a chiropractic adjustment is not for everyone. As with any field of endeavor, not all who are licensed are equally talented. Seeking and getting recommendations from trusted friends is a good idea.

Beaumont is a long way from here, but if you have a reason to be there, Dr. Will Fults is an option while you're in that fair city to the south. I cannot say you'll be as satisfied as I have been with his work, but I can say he's done a good job for me and my son.

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