Spare Us the Crocodile Tears, Congressmen
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Spare Us the Crocodile Tears, Congressmen

U.S. Reps. Hall, Barton, Burgess, Olson, Fellow Republicans are Holding a Hearing to Get to the Bottom of Obamacare Implementation Glitches

… As If They Didn’t Spend the Last Four Years Trying to Sabotage the Health Law and Leave Millions of Americans With No Affordable Insurance Options At All


Washington DC – Hypocrisy red alert.  Just days after Republicans in Congress shut down the government in the latest in a long string of attempts to kill or cripple the Affordable Care Act, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, includingRalph Hall (R-TX-4), Joe Barton (R-TX-6), Michael Burgess (R-TX-26), Pete Olson (R-TX-22), are holding a public hearing this morning billed as the “the failures and issues surrounding the implementation” of the health law. 


Many Americans are left wondering, what’s more absurd? : 1) the fact that Republicans in Congress are already declaring efforts to enroll Americans in the health law’s insurance exchanges a ‘failure’ just 24 days into the six month process, or 2) the fact that Republicans are actually complaining about implementation glitches when they opposed the Affordable Care Act at its inception, have done everything in their power to delay, repeal, defund the law every day since, have repeatedly blocked funding needed for implementation, and whose entire health plan is to let the insurance companies go back to denying coverage to millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions and dropping people when they get sick.


Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Give me a break.  It’s really rich for these Texas Congressmen to be shedding crocodile tears over the glitches in the ACA website when they have done nothing for four years but try to impede, repeal and defund the law and root for its failure.   This is pure, craven politics.  You know these Republicans don’t give a wit that Americans are having trouble enrolling in a health plan when their voting record reflects politicians that prefer that uninsured Americans be left with no quality, affordable coverage options at all.   This is a transparent attempt by Republicans to score political points around road bumps in the health law’s implementation and distract from the fact that they just left 120,000 Americans without jobs by shutting down the government in the name of Obamacare.  It’s not fooling anyone.  And it takes a lot of nerve. If these Texas Congressmen were truly concerned about how smoothly the health law’s implementation is going, they would stop throwing monkey wrenches into the process every chance they gets. You could call what these Republicans are engaging in hypocrisy but that would be an insult to hypocrites."


“The GOP’s phony ‘concerns’ notwithstanding, we have every confidence that the administration’s tech surge under way will fix what needs fixing and open up the doors for even more uninsured Americans to finally get the affordable, quality care they deserve,” added Woodhouse.  “Of course, the website glitches don’t effect the majority of Americans who already have insurance.  They still have the peace of mind knowing that ACA’s new benefits and consumer protections from insurance industry abuse has added many layers to their health security.” 

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Kevin Bell
October 25, 2013
"Crocodile tears" or not, there can be no denying that the implementation of the ACA has been riddled with serious glitches. Considering that the "law of the land" is being forced on a population, who overwhelmingly does not want it, it is necessary for the government to determine the best course of action to repair the system and learn from the mistakes.

It is clear by the writers comments that they are just as fanatical about implementing the ACA as they claim the Texas Congressmen are about opposing it.

You could call what this writer is engaging in hypocrisy...