Time for a change at quarterback for the Houston Texans
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After starting out 2-0 with come from behind wins on the road against San Diego and at home against Tennessee, the Houston Texans now find themselves mired in a three game losing streak, with losses on the road against Baltimore, at home against Seattle and on the road this past Sunday night against San Francisco. There should be panic in Matt Schaub and he should find a way to “fix things” quickly. The same could be said of Head Coach Gary Kubiak, who seems to be attempting to shield Schaub from the outcries of the team’s fans that he be benched in favor of T.J. Yates.

While Kubiak rightly says that there are numerous things that need to be fixed by his team, NONE of the issues is any more glaring that the problem with his starting quarterbacks. Schaub threw three interceptions against the Forty-Niners, including one in the game’s opening possession that was a “pick-six”. That was the fourth pick six in four games for Schaub. NO quarterback in NFL history had ever sunk to that low before Schaub, and it is highly possible that no other quarterback will match that degree of ineptitude in the near future.

The bottom line is that Matt Schaub HAS been a solid quarterback in his previous six years as the Texans signal caller, but for whatever reason, whether he has “lost it”, or if he is just having trouble reading defenses all of a sudden, IF Houston is to salvage the season and have any hopes of making the playoffs, a change needs to be made at quarterback in Houston, and it needs to be made this Sunday when the Texans host the 2-3 St. Louis Rams.

While you expect a coach to shield his players who are struggling, there has to come a time when you pull the plug and make a change, and that time needs to be NOW for Gary Kubiak. Maybe a week on the bench will help Schaub come out of his doldrums. Regardless, the rest of his teammates deserve to have a fighting chance, and they DON’T have that at this point.

The defense went into the Niners game as the #1 ranked defense in the NFL. The defense is playing their heart out, only to have Schaub’s miscues cancel out all the good they are accomplishing.

You can understand Kubiak protecting Schaub for a couple of games, and possibly even a third game, but now that his blunders have cost the team at least 2 games they could have won, it is time for a change. Texans fans can only hope that Kubiak makes the common sense decision before Sunday. If he doesn’t, there is a high probability things could go south again. Houston just can’t afford that. C’mon MAN!
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