Gilmer ISD Bond Election: Vote 'Yes'
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Someone recently asked me, “Are you voting for the Gilmer ISD Bond Election? “ My answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Born and raised in Gilmer, Texas, as was my entire family, I’ve grown up in our school system where I’ve watched with pride as two of my daughters graduated and my youngest will so as well in the next seven years from Gilmer ISD. Why would I want my taxes to increase? I own land and I own a house. And yes, my taxes will go up. But for my family it’s called making a commitment, not only for my youngest daughter, but hopefully for my future grandchildren and all the children in Gilmer. That commitment involves the understanding that nothing good, comes from little effort, ever.

For the last twenty one years, as an employee and parent at Gilmer ISD, I have watched first hand as our schools began to prosper. With each passing year, our programs grew, our students excelled and Gilmer became well known for not only our great football team and boys and girls athletics, but my family's much loved Gilmer FFA, debate, drama, Gilmer Buckeye Band, Stars Drill Team, choir and countless other programs. I was so proud last year when Gilmer Intermediate School, along with our Gilmer Elementary School hosted the UIL Meet at our elementary. Continually teachers and parents in attendance bragged to me about how beautiful and spacious our school was to host such a huge event with over seven schools in attendance and 400 students, teachers and parents. Isn’t that what we want our town of Gilmer and Gilmer ISD to showcase…great schools, great facilities and foremost our great students?

In November we all have a choice. You can vote yes or no. If you chose to vote no, consider the consequences and progress of Gilmer ISD. Our students deserve to not only start their school experience in a fantastic, 21st century ready facility like our new elementary school, but cap it off with a new high school that is safer, and less disjointed; able to handle the technology applications needed in our ever growing society, and shows the faith we have in the future of our children. Why would we not invest in our future and always put our children first?

As a parent, I raise my daughters to always accentuate the positive and not dwell on the negative. Research the bond, answer your questions on your own, and if you’ve never walked the hallways of Gilmer High School, I can walk you around and show you firsthand how badly our students need a new school.

Gilmer is a town that I am proud to call home and a place my husband Scott chose to raise our daughters. I will never be able to thank our teachers enough for their love and devotion to their growth and the successes so far. Voting yes on the bond is our way of thanking our teachers and making sure our youngest daughter and all students in Gilmer ISD continue to grow and prosper and be ready for our world ahead.

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Fed Up
November 01, 2013
In reference to Prop 3, the multipurpose building,(indoor practice field) Albritton has stated "The facility would only be built if voters also approved Proposition 1 for the new high school".

Why is this? Why wouldn't it be built if the other two propositions failed and Prop 3 passed? Because the multipurpose facility that King Traylor wants can not be built for the $2.1 million dollars. BUT, with the passing of Prop 1 with it's inflated cost projection, Slick Rick would be able to use those excess funds to build the Traylor Castle. Even if Prop 3 fails, the funds will "miraculously" be available from money "saved" by cutting corners on the High School project. Isn't that right Rick? Kinda like the scam you pulled when building the new Elementary School.

Heck No
October 30, 2013
Funny how the School Teachers are all for it !!

This School is not going to make education better, you know as well as I do the Focus is on FOOTBALL extra fund to buy books field trips etc.... are diverted for FOOTBALL.

Football is not going to help them make a chack.
Heck YES
November 01, 2013
Humm...And yet the State Game alone last year paid for Summer School. Sounds like it's the other way around.
Heck No
November 02, 2013
Good Saddle up for that 63 Million you are going to owe if this passes.

Heck No for me I am gonna sell out. I am not gonna pay for $63 million for the next 20 years.

Maybe Football will pay it just like summer school. It's obvious you do not know the facts you just follow the lambs.