It's Fair time in East Texas
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I LOVE East Texas. I went to Pioneer Days this past week. I have been to festivals in big cities but there is nothing like an East Texas fair. The Texas State Fair come close to the greatness of local fairs.

This was my first time taking my son, Caesar, to the fair. He is 18 months old. This was my husband’s second time going. The weather was great. The food was great as was the entertainment and the carnival.

We had such a good time. The parade was short and sweet but nice. After the parade we decided to ride a couple of rides. I will admit that some of the rides scared me but thankfully my son was only old enough for the train and the merry go round.

Next we tried our hand at the fair games. We lost a couple but we also won a couple. It was so much fun to see my son laugh and try his best to catch a fish for a prize. We ended up taking home three blow up toys and a stuffed animal.

WE ENDED our day under some shade with a spread of food enough for a small army. We had roasted corn, fajitas, tacos, corn dogs, and of course funnel cake. By the end of our time at the fair we were all worn out.

My bill fold was also a lot lighter. I didn’t want to nickel and dime my son’s first time at an East Texas Fair. I am blessed enough that I don’t have to. However, I was shocked on our way home as I did the quick math in my head. I don’t remember the fair being so expensive but when you are a child you don’t think about how much things costs. You remember the memories and the sights and smells. Seriously that is all that matters.

We could have easily had just as much fun had we cut the rides, the food, and the games in half. I’m glad we didn’t but in the future we probably will. Next time we will start with a free museum tour. We didn’t go this year because Caesar was a little young. They had plenty of free booths also. We saw a lot of people we knew and met a few people we didn’t.

THE BEST PART of the fair was when I decided to let Caesar walk for a bit. Within 30 seconds, he ran up to a little girl and snatched her stuffed animal away from her. I was so embarrassed. I apologized profusely to the little girl and her father. I was so taken back, I don’t think I even scolded my son.

No matter where you live, no matter where you are from, you have to take time to enjoy the fair season in East Texas. Enjoy the rides, the food and most of all the memories you will cherish forever.

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Jack Pool
March 16, 2014
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