Could not reach Senator Cornyn...he needs to change party!
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Hi Texans,

I attempted to call Senator Cornyn's office to see if they knew if he was going to stand with Senator Cruz, or was he going to stand with Obama, and the socialists? And if he was going to stand with Obama, was he going to change party?

I tried several times, both at his local office and in Washington. Couldn't even leave a message.

So this is who you want representing you? Guess you have his cell. I don't. I am just a citizen.
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just another citizen
September 24, 2013
The republicans.. are no different then the democrats,,, because this is not a health care law... it is a HEALTH CARE TAX,,, so they are not going to defund it,, They want the money that it will bring in,, just a fact.. They want to make the middle class poorer and more obedient,, citizens,, just a fact...

So if you think your man in dc is all that ,,, better take another look.. the proof is in the pudding as they say.. that is why this new TAX LAW, is and will be crammed down your throat,, just a fact,,,

but again here locally you have the same problem,, just a fact,,,

Time for the lifers to be put out to pasture,,,