Could America do the unthinkable? No war!
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Not in my life time has so much fuss been made about a shooting war, and then, maybe nothing happens.

by Mark Vogl


Tuesday, September 10, 2013
A decade of war in the Middle East, a floundering, unpopular and inept President and an American people sapped of its bluster by endless commitments to far away nations that have little real meaning to what is happening at home may be the combination that stills the war drums.
America just is not up for another "adventure."
Things sure have changed since my childhood. Back then a young, vibrant President did everything he could to turn away from war, even when some senior military officers indicated there was no other way. For 13 days America sat on the precipice of oblivion as the Soviet navy, like cavalry, rushed towards Cuba and a US blockade. Nuclear sabers were drawn. But President Kennedy, who had replaced America's Supreme hero of World War II, did everything he could to protect his nation from nuclear missiles discovered in neighboring Cuba, yet wanted just as much to avoid war. In those days, this very young boy learned what America was. At least what I thought it was.
Syria is nowhere near as vital to America, or as close. The issues are nowhere near as straight forward. Nuke missiles in communist Cuba was a threat to the United States! The fear of a nuke war was so evident that we children of the time spent time in school practicing for it. We would crawl under the desks, or go out into the hallway and stand facing the lockers. Actually these civil defense measure were probably worthless, but it demonstrates just how much average Americans, and Washington, thought disaster could occur.
The "red line incident" as history may call this, has done more than just point out President Obama's lack of "gravitas," it has provided a real opportunity for America's conservatives to voice their opposition to the Bush policy of pre-emption. Patrick Buchanan wrote today: "Yet George Bush blustered in his "axis-of-evil" State of the Union that "the world's worst dictators" would not be allowed to get "the world's worst weapons."
America's days as the leader of the Free World, as world guardian are over! Rush Limbaugh may not like it, but America is no longer the big kid on the block. We are just a nation. We may be a unique nation. But we aren't the Leader of the Free World anymore and we have to stop trying to act like one. We don't have the resources, or the slim physique of an earlier America. Instead "diversity" and a credit card mentality have created problems for America that better become a national fixation before we go the way of Rome.
Rush this isn't about wimping out. This is about the wisdom to know what you can change, what you can't, and learning to live with it.
For conservatives it's time to figure out a new U.S. multi power foreign policy. The real diversity America needs to understand is that we are not it. China, India, Brazil, the E.U., Russia and even Iran are nations we have to learn to work with. Globalism, the extension of Britain's Imperialism has run its course, raped America of its manufacturing base, and must be replaced as America's guiding light. Nationalism, national self -sufficiency and a reduced national ego are all components of our future. Rush, we have to rebuild "American exceptionalism." Right now, about the only exceptionalism I see is in the worst of human activities, whether it be illegal drug use, broken families, or under employment. No I am not a pessimist. Conservatism, rooted in Christianity is the foundation for my long term optimism that America can rise again.
Avoiding stupidity in Syria is a start. If President Obama is big enough to accept a different course, to move away from bluster, that would be a first step.
But if the neo-conservatives use this "red line incident" to incite their intellectuals to reignite "pre-emption," than we will have only returned to the idiocy that got us here. It's time for the common sense of the American people to be the foundation for a new America, an America First.
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