I'm not going to Slam Miley
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My son went from shoe size four to a size six in less than two weeks. It is amazing how he outgrew them so fast. As children, you outgrow things all the time. This is how you grow up.

I used to eat mustard sandwiches as a child. I loved them so much. Everyone thought it was very strange including my mother. I once heard her tell a friend that she figures I would just outgrow it. I eventually did. The thought of eating a mustard sandwich now makes me ill.

I watched the Video Music Awards (VMAs) this past week, even though I have outgrown watching them. My reasoning is, since I don’t keep up with music on a daily or even weekly basises, watching the VMAs will help keep me up to date.

When I was younger, I watched music videos and listened to the radio every day. I couldn’t get ready for school without having music playing in the background. Now, I don’t even remember to turn on the radio in the car.

The VMAs were great this year. As a nearly 40 year old mother, I loved seeing Miley Cyrus perform. If you haven’t seen the news reports, she came out scantily dressed and danced dirty while she performed. She performed with a male singer who is married. During the performance she licked him and rubbed his groin with a foam finger. The media went wild talking about Miley being out of control. There were also rumors about the male singer’s wife attacking Miley.

I found the entire production entertaining. In my mind, this performance was to get people talking. It did. Miley Cyrus may be out of control or she could be a 20 something having fun. I am not going to come down on her for her scandalous performance. I know if I was a 20 something, I probably would have understood the performance a little better.

I plan to watch the VMAs forever. As a mother, I want to see what is influencing our youth. I am sure there were a lot of older people watching and shaking their head at Miley. I thought about the provocative dances we had when I was younger. I thought about all the things I once loved that now seem silly.

I am not going to slam the younger generation yet. I am not going to start sentences with “back in my day.” I am going to try see things from their perspective and mine. I don’t know when I am going to outgrow that philosophy.

I hope Miley Cyrus and the rest of the younger generation survive their youth and live to see another day, another year, and have the opportunity to grow up.

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Rita Floyd
September 02, 2013
Well, I see it the other way, MaLu. I think I'm a pretty cool 58 year old, but I have to say, I was very disappointed in Miley's act. I thought it was very degrading.
September 01, 2013
How sweet... your little article about your rose colored outlook on life. If you were a real caring mother that wanted to get actively involved with your child's future you'd have more negative things to say. You see what Miley the slime did when she was acting the porn queen was to lower the standards of the VMAs just a little bit more. She also lowered the standards of every awards show yet to come. I don't want to see this trash on my TV. I want it to be entertaining and non-porn related when I tune in shows like this. If we don't say negative things about this type of exhibition now we won't be able to contain it later. Miley is a disgrace. Call a porn queen a porn queen not a delight.