Bookends of Life
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Friday I drove to see my mother. She will be eighty-five soon. I've written about her many times. She remains strong and vibrant, with a mind that recalls many life events of the past eight decades. When we visit, she regales me with her tales from the 1920s forward. She's passing on her important life stories.

Pops was there. Sometimes he leaves the farm and runs to town when I visit. Other times, such as Friday, he stays and we visit, too. He's always a joy to visit with, as well. His abiding love and devotion for her are all I could ask for or hope for from the man who married my mother after she was widowed forty-two years ago.

Saturday saw me riding with my niece, her husband, and their two kids, both preschoolers. We were headed to my granddaughter's birthday party, where we joined my son, his wife, and their daughter. She's two.

The niece's kids are hilarious. They always make me laugh. Both are naturally entertaining, spirited kids who evidence the continuous love and care their parents constantly give them. I love seeing them interact with their parents, who display wisdom and patience in handling their children.

My granddaughter is a funny, inquisitive, energetic bundle of joy. My son and daughter-in-law are totally devoted parents, committed to their daughter and her positive development. She had the best time at her second birthday party. She delighted in being sung "Happy Birthday," understanding that she was being honored. Oh, the delight she showed. When asked how she felt, she exclaimed "happy!"

My nephew has a six year old son he is home schooling. He reads at about a fourth grade level, and consumes new knowledge. His writing skills are amazing for a child that age. He has such good control of his writing that his lettering makes me embarrassed to remember the way I wrote at that age. His sense of humor is advanced.

These children are the next generation. If I am fortunate, I will live to see them become parents, and I'll get a chance to see one more generation on this earth. My Mama and Pops are the generation before me. Beyond them are my grandparents, and beyond them vague memories of my great grandmothers.

If I live until this next generation of kids becomes parents, my life will have directly touched great-grandmothers born in the 1860s and 1870s to great-grandchildren and great-grand nieces and nephews born in the 2030s.

These people are the bookends of my life.

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