Back to School Lessons
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I love back to school shopping. My son is not even two but I found myself looking at the school supplies. I looked at the binders, the pencils, the book covers, and the prices. It takes a lot to prepare for school.


I’m not going on a rampage about how expensive everything is, this time. I am going to talk about the basics. I saw so many different items with actor’s faces plastered over everything. Even cartoons geared toward the little kids.


I saw a child cry in the store because the mom wanted to buy him a blue notebook. The boy clutched onto a notebook with a cartoon character and sat in the middle of the floor crying real tears. The mother had three other children with her. All but one looked school aged. She had a couple of lists and a pen in hand going down the aisle. She ignored her son’s fit and got the blue notebook. The little boy was heartbroken.


Secretly, I bet the mom was a little heartbroken also. In my mind she probably couldn’t afford to buy the brand name notebooks for everyone.


I think school should be about learning and not brand names. This is why I am a proponent of school uniforms. My nephew has to wear uniforms at his school in Dallas. No need to worry about the prices of brand name gear. However, he always wants expensive tennis shoes because that is the only thing he gets to choose.


I am a hypocrite. I long for expensive brand name purses and shoes. I buy what I can afford and hope one day to have everything I wish for. The difference is, I am not a 7 year old child.


I want the best for my son. I will probably buy him brand name clothes, shoes, and school supplies. I however will only buy what we can afford and teach him the value of money. I wonder how rich people teach their children the value of money?


I remember stories of how Princess Diana would take her sons to McDonalds and make them pay for their meals. I loved that story. She would also take them to soup kitchens for the homeless to help.


Even when you don’t have much, you can still always find ways to help others who have less than you. Each year for Christmas, I find a family or two and buy their children Christmas presents. I don’t know why I have never thought about helping families out during back to school time. This year will be different. I am going to go buy some school supplies for a needy family.


While you are out this week, it would be so easy to purchase a set of pens, pencils, or pack of paper for someone who can’t afford the basics. If you have children, it would be such a great life lesson to have them pick out a notebook or folder for those less fortunate.


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Groscar the Ouch
August 18, 2013
"I am a hypocrite." Those are the truest words ever spoken by a school uniform supporter.